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Quote1.png They raped my mind! They stole my dreams! They took my childhood and shredded it before my eyes! Quote2.png

--Sodam Yat (New Earth)

Quote1.png I'm not here to watch the world pass me by. I'm not here to let someone else fight the good fight. I wear a ring. A Green Lantern Ring. I'm here to make a difference. Unfortunately, so's the bad guy. Quote2.png

--Sodam Yat (New Earth)

Quote1.png You're judging someone -- something -- we know nothing about. I saw it first-hand on my home planet of Daxam. Fear and judgment's the code of law they live by -- it rules their hearts and minds. They murdered a friend of mine simply because he was different -- because he was an off-world alien. His name was Tessog. And because of their fear of the unknown he now sits under the glaring lights of a museum display gathering dust. In the end their fear will crush them -- destroy their souls. And that's why I'll never go back. Daxam can rot for all I care. Quote2.png

--Sodam Yat (New Earth)

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