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Quote1 Marihuana! The drug that causes the smoker to lose all moral restraint! Quote2
--Steve Carson (Earth-Two)

Quote1 Don't worry about that cargo. Puttin' it over on th' Coast Guard is my hobby! Quote2

--Steve Carson (Earth-Two)

Quote1 Readers, I want you to meet Operator 48. This month he's going to tell you how he and his branch of the J.F.M.C. captured some dangerous criminals. Quote2

--Steve Carson (Earth-Two)

Quote1 Every wide-awake young American who hates crime is urged to join the Junior Federal Men club and do his part to put the country's criminals exactly where they belong: BEHIND THE BARS! Quote2

--Steve Carson (Earth-Two)

Quote1 Well Chief! That ends the career of the scientific criminals who sought to capture America! Quote2

--Steve Carson (Earth-Two)

Quote1 This kid's ill; he may die. What looks better to you: a kidnapping or a murder charge? Do as I say and you'll get a light sentence! Quote2

--Steve Carson (Earth-Two)

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