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Quote1 A part of me always hated that Ralph was part of the JLA -- was terrified by it -- but now, more than ever... he needs his friends. Quote2
--Susan Dearbon (New Earth)

Quote1 This is one time I'll explain the solution of a mystery to you!... Quote2

--Susan Dearbon (New Earth)

Quote1 What is it, Ralph? You don't have the nerve to kill me, so you're going to embarrass me into suicide? Quote2

--Susan Dearbon (New Earth)

Quote1 Well, now that you mention it... the rubber body parts do come in extremely handy-- Quote2

--Susan Dearbon (New Earth)

Quote1 I've had it with sitting on my hands while poor Kara fades away. No one else was doing a damn thing about it - unless you count gnashing teeth and feeling helpless! Quote2

--Susan Dearbon (New Earth)
Quote1 Honey... your nose is twitching. Quote2
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