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Quote1 I know what you're thinking. "So, he's an unusual freak! So what? That doesn't qualify him for Legion membership." Well, you're wrong. No matter where or how a foe ever imprisons us, I could always eat our way to freedom! Quote2
--Tenzil Kem (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 The rule of law must be kept sacred in our pizza halls. Quote2

--Tenzil Kem (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 It's okay, it's okay! I'm a senator! Quote2

--Tenzil Kem (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 Okay, so the guy grows horns out of his head when he gets angry... but at least he doesn't keep his feelings bottled up like so many people these days. Quote2

--Tenzil Kem (Pre-Zero Hour)

Quote1 No, no, please! Just throw money and your lacy undergarments! Quote2

--Tenzil Kem (Pre-Zero Hour)
Quote1 Hey, I'm a Legionnaire. When trouble strikes, we put on costumes. Quote2
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