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This page contains a listing of notable quotes by Terrence McGinnis (Hush Beyond).

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Quote1 Alert the vid-crews and data-streamers! Bruce Wayne just gave me a mili-kudo! Quote2
--Terrence McGinnis (Hush Beyond)

Quote1 Catwoman? Seriously? This is great! I've wanted a Catwoman my whole career! Quote2

--Terrence McGinnis (Hush Beyond)

Quote1 Calendar Man. That's you, right? Julian Day? Former Batman c-lister? Quote2

--Terrence McGinnis (Hush Beyond)

Quote1 I know how Justice Leagues work. You sign up to help out once in a while, next thing you know, you're going across the galaxy three times a week. And while you're away, people are getting killed in your backyard. Quote2

--Terrence McGinnis (Hush Beyond)

Quote1 Yeah, that's always been my problem, Swirly... I've never really known when to quit. Quote2

--Terrence McGinnis (Hush Beyond)

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