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This page contains a listing of notable quotes by Thaddeus Sivana, Sr. (New Earth).

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Quote1.png Then I've murdered an innocent child. I'll get over it. Quote2.png

--[[Thaddeus Sivana, Sr. (New Earth)|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png Never trust a monkey in love. Quote2.png
--[[Mallah (New Earth)|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png We're talking about an alien mutant caterpillar trapped in a larval stage, denied his full potential. I just wanted to see what would happen if I bombarded the slimy little creep with Suspendium radiation, without his consent. Quote2.png
--[[52 Vol 1 39|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png You all have to realize that... well... we're... just no damn good. We're evil. Each of us for a variety of reasons, whether it's greed, narcissism, a chemical imbalance, poor upbringing, you name it... we have felt the need to do what is commonly thought of as bad. I gotta tell you, campers, when you accept that fact, it's all so much easier. Certainly a lot less stressful. So, let's get it together, bear down and remember that we're all striving towards a common goal. And if you don't -- I'll kill you. Quote2.png
--[[Outsiders Vol 3 13|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png Look, it's the Fearsome Four. Want to go for the Threatening Three? Did you think it would be that easy? You think I didn't see this coming? This is why you constantly fail. This is why you keep getting caught. Jailed. Stripped of your powers. This is why you keep killing each other. Because you're schmucks. You see a good thing and you can't just stick with it. Even for a little while. Schmucks. Get out. If you come back, you're dead. If you come after me, you're dead. You ever get in my way. Dead. Quote2.png
--[[Outsiders Vol 3 14|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png Never trust a monkey in love. Quote2.png
--[[Outsiders Vol 3 40|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png Have I lied? Yes. Have I hurt people? Oh yes. Have I murdered the innocent? Sure. But I am not without my purpose. Quote2.png
--[[Outsiders Vol 3 43|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png I'd rather submit to a gasoline enema than set foot in this chrome encrusted phallic symbol! Quote2.png
--[[Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder Vol 1 2|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png I'll remind you before you tell me that again, that I've got a gun in my desk and I'm drunk. Quote2.png
--[[Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder Vol 1 4|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png Curses! Quote2.png
--[[The Power of Shazam! Vol 1 16|Thaddeus SivanaQuote1.png Well, well, well...we know a little secret about you, don't we? Quote2.png
--Thaddeus Sivana Sr. (New Earth)


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