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Quote1 The Graysons I knew ran a circus they inherited from a clown named Anthony Zucco ... after John Grayson murdered him. Quote2
--[[Anthony Zucco (Earth 3)|Thomas WayneQuote1 Ultraman is vulnerable for the very first time. This world is either taken over by him or it's taken over by me. These are your only options, Richard. Will you help me stop the Crime Syndicate? Quote2
--[[Justice League Vol 2 25|Thomas WayneQuote1 As much as I hate to admit it, if we're all going to survive--the Justice League and the Crime Syndicate need to work together. Quote2
--[[Justice League Vol 2 47|Thomas WayneQuote1 This Syndicate has become weak, myopic and bitter. A bunch of bored aliens and freaks, looking down of the only human in the room while you play the best game we humans ever created. Crime. Quote2
--Thomas Wayne Jr. (Earth 3)


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