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Quote1 My own characters have come to life to get me, I thought. I should have been nicer to them. I should have given them a better world to live in. Made them do nice things instead of making them all crazy bastards. Quote2
--Titus Bird (Enigma)

Quote1 What does it mean, huh? What does it mean when those kids die so... pointlessly? It doens't mean anything, does it? That's the scary part. If it meant something, you could handle it, but it doesn't. Quote2

--Titus Bird (Enigma)

Quote1 I've found, during my long and not utterly uneventful life, that in times of great emotional upset and trauma, one can find some solace in the furry arms of absolute ineabriation. Quote2

--Titus Bird (Enigma)

Quote1 I don't believe it. He's screwing one of my characters. Quote2

--Titus Bird (Enigma)

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