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Quote1 People of Earth-- I am Vartox! I have journeyed to your planet on an assignment so vital, I vow to let nothing stand in my way-- not even Superman! Quote2
--Vartox (Earth-One)

Quote1 You may have been able to dominate other worlds with your Kryptonian powers... ...But your terroristic tactics will not be tolerated on Tynola! Quote2

--Vartox (Earth-One)

Quote1 For this heinous act of betrayal-- --I, Vartox, vow that Superman must pay the supreme penalty! The Kryptonian must die!! Quote2

--Vartox (Earth-One)

Quote1 I must be cursed! First Syreena...then my wife... and now Lana! The three loves of my life... ending in triple tragedies! Quote2

--Vartox (Earth-One)

Quote1 I... have killed! Never before have I deliberately killed a conscious being! I cannot live with that! Quote2

--Vartox (Earth-One)

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