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Quote1 Most of the inmates would have kept choking him for a while longer. You're an interesting guy, Jack. Quote2
--Victor Fries (Prime Earth)

Quote1 My father had left me and I never once considered the possibility that he would have another family. I still had blood in the world. I still had a family to preserve. Quote2

--Victor Fries (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I've fought him before, many times. I do not hesitate to admit that. But this was... He was a different man that night. On the roof, he didn't care that I hadn't done it. That those women had nothing to do with me. He just kept hitting me. Until I... I had to say yes. Or Batman was going to kill me. Quote2

--Victor Fries (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Yes. Hell. As described by Dante, with its multiple rings. Each one is guarded by a devil. And at the bottom of the a lake of ice. I am Freeze. I was chosen to guard this realm. All that enters here turns cold, becomes brittle... and breaks. Quote2

--Victor Fries (Prime Earth)

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