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Quote1 S.T.A.R. Labs is so lucky -- and they don't even know it. Not only do they get the handsome, brilliant uber-genius Virgil Hawkins, they also get the not-so-mild mannered, super-cool and fiercely awesome Static! Quote2
--Virgil Hawkins (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Here I am, minding my own totally cool hero business, and I get jumped by a girl that looks like a human cheese grater! Quote2

--Virgil Hawkins (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Rubber Ball here is insulated against my electrostatic charge. So is Mr. Concrete Shoes. Too bad for them my powers are electromagnetic. Quote2

--Virgil Hawkins (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Look at Hardware. He started down his path seeking vengeance. And he took it. But now, he seeks justice. Quote2

--Virgil Hawkins (Prime Earth)

Quote1 So if you'd asked me this morning what I thought most notable part of my day would've been I'm pretty sure it would not have said "getting my ass kicked by a pair of angry war-droids." You never know where the day's gonna take you. Quote2

--Virgil Hawkins (Prime Earth)

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