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Quote1 Did he say 'pinched'? What was he, a newsboy in some other life? Quote2
--Werner Vertigo (New Earth)

Quote1 Mortals have slain gods before. Quote2

--Werner Vertigo (New Earth)

Quote1 Strike! Know we are a mighty host, a fiery sword, a scythe sent to harvest blood! And we shall cast the enemy out of Vlatava as St. Michael cast Satan out of Heaven! Quote2

--Werner Vertigo (New Earth)

Quote1 The bipolar imbalance within me, leading to my manic-depressive state, holds me in thrall even without the interference of Ivy or others. My life is onerous to me, but I have no means with which to end it all! All possible means with which I might do so have been denied to me by Dr. LaGrieve -- save you. If I asked you, would you put a bullet in my brain? Quote2

--Werner Vertigo (New Earth)

Quote1 In my lucid moments, I wish I could be healthy. Depressed, I am a danger to myself; manic -- I am a danger to everyone else. I do not wish to kill myself but I might not mind dying. Perhaps now you can see the attraction that something that calls itself the Suicide Squad might have for me. Quote2

--Werner Vertigo (New Earth)

Quote1 How can you strike a man who rewrites the fabric of reality itself? Quote2

--Werner Vertigo (New Earth)

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