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Bad? Why can't they be labelled "evil?" It'd make more sense. - NYCPulpWriter

  • I guess the idea was to place all villains into one category. Many are certainly "bad" people like the Trickster or Harley Quinn, but are not necessarily evil. --Brian Kurtz

I don't agree with a "bad/good" characters alignment category at all. Any character could turn either way and "bad" or "good" as a subject is dominated by too much opinion to be a factual concept. For example, the original Trickster reformed for awhile and started working with the FBI. Now he did turn back to villainous ways, but during that time he worked for the FBI, he was not "bad".

My point is, labeling characters as just "bad" or "good" is way too broad to have any factual merit in any comic based wiki. TheManThing12 21:27, 19 April 2009 (UTC)TheManThing12