Peregrine was a police lieutenant for the Top 10 in Neopolis.

Cathy Colby is a conservative born-again Christian with artificial wings and a powerful physique. She acts as a lieutenant on the "Top 10" police force operating out of the city of Neopolis. Her beliefs often conflict with the fact that her partner, Jackie Phantom, is a lesbian; the two apparently had an agreement that neither would mention religious issues in the presence of the other, as cited by Peregrine when an irritated Jack carelessly blasphemes during an investigation.[citation needed] Peregrine is married but nothing is known of her husband.

Five years after the Ultima incident, Peregrine was partnered with the Hoodoo Priest, but after seeing her personal deity drunk and disorderly in a gods' bar, she had a crisis of faith and took some time off.[citation needed]




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