Catherine Todd was the mother of Jason Todd, better known as the second Robin and Red Hood.

Catherine Todd lived with her husband Willis and her only son Jason in Gotham City prior to the Zero Year. Catherine suffered from drug addiction and constantly fought with her husband, who himself was a petty thief.

After Jason attracted the attention of the man that would become the Joker, the madman organized for Jason to become Batman's sidekick by having Willis falsely imprisoned and killed in jail and by faking Catherine's death with a non-lethal poison to look like she died of an overdose. Jason, believing he was an orphan, was bound to cross paths with Batman.

Some time later, the Joker revealed to Jason that he had faked Catherine's death and baited him into a trap to save her. There, the Joker beat Jason with a crowbar and blew up the building they were in, killing both Jason and his mother.




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