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The Catmobile can refer to a number of vehicles driven by either Catman or Catwoman.


Catwoman's Car

The first version of the Catmobile was created by Catwoman, with the purpose of surpassing Batman and his own vehicle, the Batmobile. This Catmobile was originally called the "Kitty Car" and it could outrace the Batmobile reaching higher speeds and it also had rocket-jets on the side that allowed the vehicle to jump short distances. During her first criminal spree using the Kitty Car, Catwoman was able to escape from Batman and Robin by jumping across a rising drawbridge.[2]

The vehicle was later used by Catwoman's brother, who called himself "The King of the Cats". He used the vehicle for his criminal activities, much like his sister did before him.[3]

It was later revealed that Catwoman gave away her car to a used car lot, where it was bought by some random crook.[4]

Cat-Man's Car

Cat-Man's First Catmobile

A similar version of the vehicle was used by the criminal known as Cat-Man, who was inspired by Catwoman to become a criminal. Just like Catwoman's car, Cat-Man's Catmobile was designed as a cat and could also jump short distances.[1] Years later, Catman redesigned his vehicle after a sports car and often used it as a weapon to eliminate criminals in Gotham City. As a result, the vehicle was broken and Catman was forced to abandoned the car.[5]

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