"The Death of Selina Kyle": Five years ago, things were simpler for Selina Kyle and Catwoman. These days, though, nothing is simple anymore. As head of a united crime empire, she now has to handle the duelling personalities in the other crime families. She

Quote1.png Catwoman always preferred to work alone. Why would you even want to lead Gotham's Underworld? You loved the thrill of the hunt. Why would you give it up to become a manager? Quote2.png
The Riddler

Catwoman: Futures End #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 2014. It was published on September 24, 2014.

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Five years ago, things were simpler for Selina Kyle and Catwoman. These days, though, nothing is simple anymore. As head of a united crime empire, she now has to handle the duelling personalities in the other crime families. She wishes to see them united, and to keep them in line, she reminds them of what she did to Black Mask. If her lieutenants seek to go outside of the organization for business, they had better think better of it. When Tusk refuses to fall in line, Erin McKillen shoots him through the head. Though this annoys Selina, she must concede that he deserved it and promotes one of his crew members to replace him. She impresses upon her other lieutenants that there will be no gang wars in Gotham City. They're bad for business.

After the meeting, Matt Falcone hangs back to warn Selina that she can't show weakness in front of the others. They're only waiting for their moment to take her place - even if none of them could handle the job. Selina reminds that it was she who made it possible for the families to unite, keeping the Bats occupied with freaks while they conduct business. Matt is well aware of this, knowing that his own uncle Carmine had lost control of the united families when the freaks and psychos came to town.

Part of Selina's success came from actually bringing in the profits. That is what turned the Penguin over to her side. It didn't hurt either that she took Matt of the Falcones as her second in command - and lover. If a gang war breaks out, though, it will ruin everything she built - and bring unwanted attention from Batman. If Selina doesn't want gang war, Matt suggests that she go and ensure that Tusk's men remain loyal to her personally. He leads her to her car, holding her back from getting in until their driver has started the ignition, worrying about a bomb. When no explosion occurs, Selina smirks and enters the car just as Matt's phone rings. He promises to be just a minute, and walks away to take the call. However, instead of taking a call, he uses an app on his phone to detonate a bomb he hid in the car, and it blows up with Selina inside.

Drawn by the explosion, the other family leaders arrive on the scene to receive Matt's announcement that Selina is dead, and he is in charge - because he is the only person remaining with access to the organization's accounts. To his surprise, though, he sees that the accounts have been emptied without his knowledge. Despite his insistence that it must have been Selina's doing, the others blame him and put him to death in a united front. Grinning, Georgie Maroni comments that there will be a gang war after all - for leadership of the united families.

Six months later, Edward Nygma catches up to Selina Kyle on the French Riviera, under an assumed name. Annoyed, she demands to know what he wants, and he explains that he simply wants the answer to a riddle. Why did she take on the role of leading Gotham's underworld when Catwoman was always a solo act. She knew the Falcones would never give up their vendetta against her. The scars she was given as payback for the ones she gave to the Roman have since been removed, but he wondered why she never removed them until now. He has the answers, now, though.

Selina never wanted to rule the criminal underworld. She spent five years playing a long con for the biggest heist of her career; robbing the united crime families blind. In order to get away with it, of course, she'd have to die, and Matt Falcone was her excuse and insurance policy. The scars were meant to make it harder for people to recognize her once they were gone. Despite having deduced all this, there remains one question that eludes the Riddler: why did she do it all? Selina will admit only that she had realized she couldn't rely on the people she'd once trusted. Though she senses Edward intends to blackmail her for part of her fortune, she knows he's bluffing. He would never part with the secret of a riddle he had deduced so diligently on his own. A riddle, after all, is no fun if everyone else knows the answer.


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