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"Catwoman: Selina's Big Score": Book 1 "Selina"- In Morocco, Selina Kyle flees from the local authorities with an item called the 'Cup of Hassan'; an item that has taken her 3 months to procure. During her escape, the item is damaged and Selina notices that it is a copy and not real. Distraught,

Quote1.png Don't be a baby. You'll live, which is more than I can say for anyone else who trusted me tonight. Quote2.png
Selina Kyle

Catwoman: Selina's Big Score is a one-shot with a cover date of September, 2002. It was published on July 31, 2002.

Synopsis for "Catwoman: Selina's Big Score"

Book 1 "Selina"- In Morocco, Selina Kyle flees from the local authorities with an item called the 'Cup of Hassan'; an item that has taken her 3 months to procure. During her escape, the item is damaged and Selina notices that it is a copy and not real. Distraught, with no more connections, and broke, Selina realizes she must return to Gotham City. Back in Batman's 'burg', Selina retrieves an item from Swifty's Pawn Shop, a box containing 10 grand in walking around money and the keys to a safe house. Selina tells Leonard 'Swifty' Burgess that she needs "a big score to get set up again" and Swifty responds by telling her to meet him later that night and he'll introduce her to a "friend". Later at Swifty's, Selina meets a young woman named Chantel; gangster Frank Falcone's "gal". Chantel tells Selina she overheard a telephone conversation of Falcone's about a job in Canada involving a train full of money; dirty money that is run up to Montreal in trade for Asian Heroin. Chantel believes this could be her ticket out of "the life" and that by doing one more bad thing maybe something good can happen. The conversation makes Selina think of the past (before the Bat and the Cat) and her time with a man named Stark. And even though it ended badly, Selina knows Stark could be a major asset on the job and contacts Swifty to get word to Stark. At Falcone's place, Chantel and Catwoman (by way of a planted bug outside Falcone's window) learn the date, basic setup, and figure of the train job.

Book 2 "Stark"- In Miami Beach, Florida, Selina and Stark meet to discuss the train job. After much deliberation, Stark agrees to the job with the condition that he is in control and that Selina does what she is told "and nothing more" and to meet him in 5 days in Las Vegas. Stark also tells Selina that Swifty had a visitor inquiring about her, a private eye of some kind and that she needs to get back to Gotham to clean up her mess. Back in Gotham, Selina learns from Swifty that Mayor Dickerson has hired Slam Bradley to track her down. Selina claims she will take care of Bradley but it will have to wait as she and Chantel have business to attend to. In Falcone's apartment, Chantel emails the train routes, personnel, etc. to Selina. Days later in Las Vegas, Stark introduces Selina to a man named Jeff, who Stark pegs as the man to figure out how to get the team on and off the money train. Back at Jeff's apartment, the trio divides up job duties; Stark will procure weapons, vehicles, and fake IDs, while Selina volunteers to handle going over the maps and routes. But first, as Selina tells both men, she has to get back to Gotham to deal with Bradley and the three agree to meet again in 10 days. Four days later in Death Valley, Stark meets with a weapons dealer named 'Mom', while, in an unnamed location, Jeff picks up a crate labeled US Air Force. Back in Gotham, Selina finally meets with Slam Bradley. After 10 days, all three meet again at an abandoned railhead in the Utah desert where Selina tests a rocket rail car created by Jeff that the team is going to use for catching up to and boarding the train. Selina proposes a plan of where to board the train and how to get off the train again. Two days later in Lake Placid, Stark tells Jeff that Selina burned her on a job in the past. While back in Gotham, Falcone lets Chantel know he is aware that she is up to something and wants her to tell him what it is.

Book 3 "Slam"- A few days following his meeting with Selina and his subsequent beating by the mayor's cops (as detailed in the second story of Detective Comics #762), Slam Bradley is hanging outside Swifty's, hoping to see Selina again. Instead, he notices Chantel leaving the fence's shop, wondering what Falcone's "kept mob trim" is doing with Swifty. A few minutes later, Selina and Swifty drive by and wave. Intent on following, Slam is unable as he realizes Selina has somehow flattened all his tires. Knowing Selina is never going to return, Slam instead follows the Chantel "angle", sneaking into Falcone's penthouse apartment. But what Slam sees inside the apartment angers him; Chantel tied to a chair, face severely beaten, with Swifty's gun pointing to her head. Slam pauses to hear the one-sided phone conversation between Falcone and a man named Kong before he busts into the penthouse, kills Falcone's men and shoots the mobster in the leg. In her delirium, Chantel mistakes Slam for Selina and tells him to "do the right thing"; take care of her daughter. After Chantel dies, Slam turns to Falcone and hangs him off the penthouse roof, forcing the crook to tell him details about the planned train heist. Falcone tells him there is a man named Stark involved as well as a woman he does not have a name for; though Slam is sure it is Selina. Slam lets Falcone hang, tying off the rope supporting Falcone. Falcone's support, however, gives way and the mobster falls to his death as Slam leaves to find a pilot to take him to the heist site near the border in upstate New York. On the Canadian side of the border, a man named LaPerier (called in by Kong under orders from Falcone) finds Swifty and the boat the gang was to use to leave the train heist site. While on the U.S. side of the border, Jeff puts on the final touches of a remote control explosion the gang is to use to create a diversion so they can board the train. Aboard his chartered plane, Slam recalls a robbery job inside one of the files he had put together on Catwoman before he burned them all. The case was a diamond robbery involving a man named Stark and his associate, "Fingers" Marotta. "Fingers" was shot in the get-away, but Stark made it to the getaway point where a driver and car should have been. But instead of a car, all Stark found was a woman dressed in a cat suit who used her whip to "pluck the diamonds from Stark's hand". The sighting, as reported to authorities by a homeless man eyewitness, went down as the third official sighting of Catwoman. Stark was able to get away, but, Slam wonders, did Stark know who was behind Catwoman's mask?

Book 4 "Score"- Selina and her associates, Jeff and Stark, successfully board the money train bound for Montreal. While the train is crossing a bridge, the group tosses the money bags off the train into the waiting river below, on which sits a boat manned by Swifty. When the trio boards the boat, Jeff is unexpectedly shot. LaPerier moves from his hiding place behind a dying Swifty and tells the remaining duo that he was going to be trading a lot of his heroin for the money they just lifted, but now he figures he will be keeping both. As LaPerier takes aim to shoot Selina and Stark, Slam's plane dives at the boat, forcing Stark and Selina overboard and LaPerier to the floor. Slam tells his pilot to set the plane down by a nearby cove, not knowing it is occupied by LaPerier's associate, Jean-Marc. Jean-Marc shoots up the plane, but misses Slam, who in turn kills the Frenchman. Back at the boat, Stark and Selina re-board the moving boat and attempt to overcome the heroin dealer. Using Selina as a decoy, Stark sneaks up on LaPerier and points a gun to his head. Unfortunately, the gun is empty, but LaPerier's is not. Stark takes two shots to the chest, but is still able to turn the gun on LaPerier, killing him. Selina rushes to Stark's side, and with his dying breath, he tells Selina his name is James. Selina takes the boat into the cove and meets with Slam, who tells her Chantel is dead and that he has to take her in and return the money. Verifying that Slam will not change his mind, Selina shoots the detective in the shoulder, telling him she needs the money to help give Chantel's mother and daughter a better life. Leaving Slam, Selina states that she doesn't want to talk about this night ever again. At dawn, 70 miles from the cove, Selina sits holding Stark's body.

Appearing in "Catwoman: Selina's Big Score"

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Other Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback only)
  • Chantel (Dies)
  • "Fingers" Marotta (Dies in flashback)
  • Tony "The Toucan" Tudeska (Deceased)





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