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Quote1 Hey, I'm a thief, kid, not a vulture. I want there to be a city left for me to rob. Quote2
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The second Catwoman took the name as she could create eight copies of herself, essentially giving her nine lives. She is a sporadic ally of Batman.

10,000 Clowns

Catwoman was among the vigilantes that responded to Jokerz committing mass suicide bombings.[1] Teaming up with Batman, Dick Grayson, and Vigilante, the group first rounded up all the explosives.[2] Batman's ally Mr. D was able remotely disarm the bombs, but they were separated from Batman in the confusion.[3] The three found him battling Joker King in the in-complete wing of Gotham Mercy. The Joker's sister, Dana Tan, also arrived and was taken hostage. She was able to break free, but he pulled her off a ledge. Luckily, Batman was able to catch Dana, while Joker King got caught by some rope.[4]

Following Joker Night, Catwoman and Grayson entered into a casual relationship. This relationship would be complicated; however, by Dick's desire to return to heroics.[5]




  • High-Tech Suit[1]