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Catwoman is one of the DC Universe's longest-printed villains. There have been several different origins for her character over the years. In her 1940 first appearance, she was a jewel thief called The Cat who fought Batman. This femme fatale had no costume and no background.[1] Later she was given a "cat" mask, solidifying her role as a super-villain.[2]

Golden Age

Selina Kyle was not given an origin story until 1950. During a caper with Mister X, she's hit on the head and revived in the Batcave. It's revealed that she had been suffering from amnesia. Kyle explains to Batman and Robin that she was a flight stewardess, and the last thing she remembers is falling out of a plane as it crashed. Batman asks about her obsession with cats, and she explains that her father owned a pet store. His teaching her about cats was one of the only things she remembered.[3] This was retconned in 1983. Catwoman reveals that she lied about her amnesia, as she saw no other way out from her life of crime. It's explained that she married young to a wealthy man who beat her. When they divorced, he used his connections to try and ruin her in every way. The only loss he understood was material, so she broke in and stole all of his possessions. Believing that she deserved these things for the pain she'd been through, she became "The Cat" for two years until she met Batman. Selina lied about her amnesia so she could stop being Catwoman and love and have children.[4]

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