"Only Happy When It Rains: Kittens and Trees": Catwoman wakes up in a straight jacket in an Arkham Asylum cell with Jonathan Crane standing over her. He lifts off her mask, exposing her face, and says he's disappointed--after all tha

Appearing in "Only Happy When It Rains: Kittens and Trees"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Batman (Hallucination)
  • Stan (security guard)
  • Dane


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Synopsis for "Only Happy When It Rains: Kittens and Trees"

Catwoman wakes up in a straight jacket in an Arkham Asylum cell with Jonathan Crane standing over her. He lifts off her mask, exposing her face, and says he's disappointed--after all that intrigue, Catwoman is nothing more than a scared little girl with a working-class chip on her shoulder.

Catwoman is confused. She knows Crane doesn't work at Arkham Asylum. He lives here. She asks him if they caught him, but he insists they caught her--he only came to see her shame.

Selina walks out to find herself surrounded by Batman's enemies. Scarecrow's henchman grabs her, and she isn't strong enough to fit back as the henchman multiples into Arkham security guards. She pulls her cowl back up and hears screaming.

She remembers that she deliberately injected herself with FemFear to prove that fear was what created her and after repeated exposure, she could use it the same way she used her whip. She was wrong, she realizes as her hallucinations of the Gotham supervillains surround and attack her. She begs for someone to help her just in time for Batman to burst through the window.

Batman tells her to stay behind him. She can trust him because she knows he'd never let anything happen to her. She needs him, she's always needed him. She's always been dependent, and secretly she's always wanted to give up control and be rescued.

Catwoman thinks, "This is my worst fear." She tells the hallucination of Batman that there are no rescues. He can't promise he'll keep her safe, and she won't give up control and allow herself to be disappointed again.

She wakes up in the real Scarecrow's arms, not the illusionary Batman's, and she bursts into laughter. Scarecrow has heard her ravings during the FemFear-induced episode and diagnoses her with a fear of dependency.

She is still laughing when she tells him that dependency can't crawl out of a crack in the wall, or slither by, or suddenly jump at her. Scarecrow challenges her declaration that his toxin can't work on her anymore, but she pays him no attention as she starts throwing flammable chemicals around the room. She sets his notes on fire and throws him out the window before dropping the burning notebook down amid the chemicals. The university goes up in flames.

Twenty-four hours later, Catwoman is on the roof of a building with a security camera pointed at the bank she robbed several days ago and the security guard, Stan, who insulted her that night.

Stan takes a break and goes to admire his car in the parking lot while Catwoman sneaks up behind him to take his gun. She breaks into the vault and robs the bank, planting Stan's gun as evidence against him. She sets off the alarm to shock him on her way out, and she slips a stack of thousand dollar bills into his pocket.

The police arrest Stan.

Catwoman then goes to find her "fan" Dane from the other day and hands him another stack of bills. She tells him to get out of town. Dane goes to the Basset-Hound Station where he buys a ticket with the stolen money. The ticket seller recognizes the stolen money and calls the police, who arrest Dane.

Stan and Dane are placed in the same cell as Catwoman hides the pages she ripped from Scarecrow's notebook among her loot.


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