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"The Mission": Catwoman learns about a valuable cat-gem on display in Manhattan. She breaks into the building and manages to take the gem, but while she is looking at it, the gem transforms into a communicator and a hologram of [[Barbara Gordon (New Earth)|Oracle]

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Catwoman (Volume 2) #72 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 1999.

Synopsis for "The Mission"

Catwoman learns about a valuable cat-gem on display in Manhattan. She breaks into the building and manages to take the gem, but while she is looking at it, the gem transforms into a communicator and a hologram of Oracle appears.

Oracle tells her that she is back in Gotham City and that "the boss" will be waiting for her in Robinson Central Station Main Lobby in twelve hours. After finishing her message, the gemstone vanishes into the air and Catwoman loses her temper. She was already on her way to Gotham when she detoured to steal the gem. Her angry outburst triggers the building's alarm and she has to move fast before the police arrive.

Batman and Oracle hope that Catwoman received the message and that she will return to Gotham. Batman says she will, but after that, who knows? She's a cat.

Catwoman gets out of the building but the NYPD is waiting for her. Catwoman uses her whip to grab a hold of a passing news helicopter. She forces the two reporters to take her as close to Gotham as possible. She is furious and determined to make Batman pay for what he did.

In Gotham, a trio of henchmen await orders from their employer. Mercy Graves calls and tells to wait in an old steam tunnel. They are to kill anybody who walked through there as it is the only way in and out of the city that isn't blocked by the United States Government. The trio talk about their previous employers. They all agree that, after working for most of Gotham's master criminals, they would love to work for Catwoman.

Meanwhile, Catwoman is already on the far side of the Gotham's shore and is planning a way to get into the city. A boat catches the attention of the army chopper patrolling above the Gotham River. The chopper spots the boat, and as they report it in, the boat explodes.

Catwoman uses that as a diversion while she swims under water to reach Gotham. The U.S. Navy sends divers to look for any suspicious activity, but Catwoman manages to fool them. She reaches Gotham's shore and is shocked to see her beloved city completely destroyed.

She makes it to Robinson Central Station and calls out for Batman, who appears out of the shadows. He tells her he needs her to steal some computer discs that hold vital information for restoring Gotham. The discs are in Manhattan, the very place Catwoman just left. She laughs, but she's infuriated and attacks him. Batman defends himself by saying that this conversation was too sensitive and needed to take place face-to-face and that he needed to be sure she could get in and out of Gotham before entrusting this to her.

Catwoman demands to know why she should do anything for Batman. He answers, "I need you," and pulls her in for a kiss. She gives in to the kiss briefly before they pull away. Batman says he needs her help. She's the only one who can do this, the only one he can trust. Catwoman agrees, provided he find her an alternative route in and out of the city.

Catwoman takes the old steam tunnel off the sewage treatment plant he recommends to her, which he believes is abandoned, but Catwoman finds herself up against the three henchman--Al, Lewis, and Mookie. They fight for a while, but when the henchman can't shoot her directly, Mookie shoots a crate of explosives. This blows the whole tunnel apart, and it floods as Catwoman and the three henchmen are dragged by the running waters.

Appearing in "The Mission"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Al (First appearance)
  • Lewis (First appearance)
  • Mookie (First appearance)


Other Characters:




  • Newschopper 86
  • Seahawk One



  • There is a sign that reads GORF - The Farewell Tour. This is a reference to the last days of editor Jordan B. Gorfinkel as part of the DC Comics staff.
  • During their conversation, the trio mentions the time when Azrael was Batman as well as the different Robins.

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