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"Pay Back": Catwoman plans her revenge on the people she has dealt with lately. First, she destroys the LexCorp compound using the battlesuits she stole from them. The destruction of the base forces Lex Luthor to contact [[Oswald C

Quote1.png That's a little inconsistent, you say, with my image as a bad girl. The kindness doesn't mesh with the cruelty. How can I be nasty and nice? You just can't figure me out? Hey, what did you expect? I'm a cat. Quote2.png

Catwoman (Volume 2) #77 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2000.

Synopsis for "Pay Back"

Catwoman plans her revenge on the people she has dealt with lately. First, she destroys the LexCorp compound using the battlesuits she stole from them. The destruction of the base forces Lex Luthor to contact the Penguin and make a deal--if Penguin returns Luthor's stolen goods and gives him Catwoman's head, then Penguin will have free reign over Gotham's underworld activities.

Catwoman knew she was being used, so when Penguin tries to ambush her, she grabs Penguin by the neck with her whip and forces his henchmen to retreat. Catwoman warns Penguin to move out before she takes away his base of power too, then leaves. Penguin is shocked, but when his base begins exploding, he runs.

Luthor learns of Penguin's failure, and he tells Mercy that Catwoman is her only matter of business. She will keep Catwoman from bothering him by any means necessary.

Catwoman has arranged a meeting with Batman. She asks him for a favor. She wants him to contact Deadman for her, and when Batman asks why, she admits she wants payback on someone and Deadman is her means of getting it. She thanks him, but she also warns him that payback is a witch... and she's that witch.

Catwoman continues her rampage against LexCorp's building bases. Eventually reconstruction stops completely because of her activities. Mercy tries her best to keep the workers in line, but they aren't happy with the results. She goes to check on Luthor, and he tells her that they're going to meet with Catwoman. Luthor hopes to reach a deal that will stop her from attacking his bases, and one of her terms before meeting him is that Mercy be present but grant her safe passage.

At the meeting point, Luthor asks Catwoman what it will take to stop Catwoman from targeting his operation. She tells him all he has to do is ask, which she does, and then she adds that he say "please." Luthor hesitates, but grudgingly he speaks the word. Catwoman says that's the only thing she ever wanted and she could never say no to him.

Once Catwoman leaves, Luthor tells Mercy he is very disappointed in her. Mercy hangs her head in shame. Catwoman watches her from above. She knew she couldn't take Mercy on physically, so she went after her where it hurt the most: her pride. Now, there's only a few items left to tidy up before her payback's complete.

Catwoman gathers her trio of henchmen together. They are still working undercover in LexCorp, but they fear discovery. Catwoman tells them not to worry. They've already been discovered, but she gives Al and Lewis two passports and passbooks with a million dollars each in their accounts on the Cayman Islands.

They're overwhelmed by her generosity, but they wonder what will happen to Mookie. She explains that she discovered how Mookie was able to stand unharmed in explosions or when hit by bullets. Mookie is dead, and he has been ever since he was working for the Joker and his boss killed him. Ever since, he has gathered kinetic energy to create enough mass to make it seem as though he were alive. Mookie says it's all true.

Deadman then appears to take Mookie to the other side. Mookie wasn't sure about it, but Catwoman tells him it will be fine. Mookie goes with Deadman, and both move to the afterlife.

Al and Lewis are shocked to see Mookie disappear into thin air, and Catwoman advises them to get going. She leaves too, knowing that word will get out and people will know that Catwoman takes care of her crew. She knows what she did for Mookie doesn't mesh with her reputation as a bad girl, but what did you expect? She's a cat.

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  • There is a milk carton on the first panel of page 18. It shows a picture of a missing person. The person was Jim Balent.

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