"Plus Ça Change": In the aftermath of No Man's Land, Catwoman watches as million dollar statues (now reduced to worthless rubble) are removed from what was a museum.

Catwoman (Volume 2) #78 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of March, 2000.

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  • Gotham City
    • Burney Street Retail Precinct
      • Heavy Pettin'


  • Crystal Spire


Synopsis for "Plus Ça Change"

In the aftermath of No Man's Land, Catwoman watches as million dollar statues (now reduced to worthless rubble) are removed from what was a museum.

She goes to her new apartment where she changes into civilian clothes, and she buys milk to feed stray cats. She is pouring it out when a woman comes over to tell him there are no more cats after No Man's Land. There wasn't much food, so... Selina is horrified. She goes to buy a cat from a pet shop.

Commissioner Gordon is furious that police resources are being redirected to look after a piece of glass, the Crystal Spire that his companion claims is important to Gotham because it symbolizes Gotham's rebirth.

Reporter Kirsten Royer corners Gordon for an interview on WGCA. He tells her that the Crystal Spire is completely safe. Selina, watching this interview at home, says she needs to make a few phone calls.

Selina puts on a wig and revealing clothes to convince an electrician to install electricity in her apartment, saying she'll do "anything" to get her electricity hooked up. He eagerly agrees. She lures him to her squat where she ties him up and steals his coveralls.

She goes to the building where the Crystal Spire is held as an alarm technician. She makes conversation with the receptionist, Ruben, about his bowling trophies, as her new cat Pussins sets off the alarm.

Ruben and two police officers investigate what they deem a false alarm, and Selina runs to check the circuits. The policemen comment on how lucky it is the alarm guy was already here, and Ruben seems to realize how suspicious that is.

Ruben notices the cat playing with its mechanical mouse as Gordon arrives. They discuss the false alarm as Selina watches, recognizing Gordon, who soon leaves. She sends Pussins out to set off the alarm again. She runs off to "fix it" as Ruben calls out the police officers for their racism after they persist in calling him "Jose."

Selina tells them that she's going to have to test the alarm several times, so the police officers ask her to let them know when they should start paying attention again and leave. Selina stashes her cat and tells Ruben she's fixed the short circuit, so now she needs to check the infrared. As the alarms blare, she looks under the sheet covering the Crystal Spire and is shocked, but she doesn't have a Plan B. She goes ahead with this one.

The next day, Mayor Dickerson holds a public unveiling ceremony as Gotham's press looks on. He pulls off the sheet off to unveil not the Crystal Spire but a scratching post with a note that reads "Gotham City's back, and so am I!" signed "Catwoman."

Dickerson says Commissioner Gordon must have a plan to handle the returning criminal element and thrusts him in front of the cameras as reporters shout questions.

Ruben, his girlfriend, and a friend watch the news from home as Ruben mourns that Catwoman is getting credit for what he did and she took the bowling trophy that he replaced the Crystal Spire with.

In Selina's home, she admires the bowling trophy and says she's never won a trophy before.

Gordon is infuriated. This is the last straw. This time, he's going to get Catwoman.


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