"Meet Jane Doe": Catwoman is robbing one of the new ostentatious high-rises put up after No Man's Land.

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  • Philippe
  • Officer Lebeau
  • Malik
  • Sekhmet (Statue only)
  • Judge Olga Morales




Synopsis for "Meet Jane Doe"

Catwoman is robbing one of the new ostentatious high-rises put up after No Man's Land.

Commissioner Gordon and Batman are discussing Catwoman in the commissioner's office. Batman thinks there are higher-priority crimes than Catwoman, but Gordon says they have to make a statement that things have changed. All Gordon wants Batman to do is keep out of their way. He needs to prove that the Gotham City Police Department can stand on their own.

Gordon says his plan does require him to ask for help from Bruce Wayne, but he's confident Wayne will agree. Captain Li chimes in to say that this time they'll get Catwoman because it's personal. Batman shoots him a dirty look before disappearing into thin air. Gordon tells him that Batman does the same to him all the time before asking him for the intel on Operation Catnip.

Bruce Wayne meets Commissioner Gordon and Philippe, the curator of the Gotham Museum of Art, to discuss the Egyptian artifacts he has donated to the museum. Gordon and Philippe have put together a plan to lure Catwoman to the opening where one of artifacts Bruce donated will be modified. When Catwoman steals it, it will lead them to her location.

Half the guests at the opening are undercover police officers. One of the police officers is going around as a journalist, asking to interview guests and then taking down their personal information for the release forms. One signature is indecipherable, and the address is a phony--it's Catwoman, they declare, and they run out to arrest her.

Bruce Wayne spots the disguised Catwoman first, but she escapes through the crowd. Malik tells Captain Li that they lost her, but Li knows she'll be back.

That night, Catwoman steals a statuette of Sekhmet from the museum and is spotted by a police helicopter. She attempts to escape, but she can only punch out so many cops and run so fast. She manages to dodge out of a sight for a moment, and then she realizes there's a tracker on the bottom of the statuette she stole. The police surround her, and Catwoman decides that if she can't have the statuette, no one can--and she throws it off the building.

With two hands free, she fights back harder, but they cuff her and pull her cowl down, revealing her face. A photographer immediately takes a picture of her, which is printed on the cover of the Gotham Tribune.

Robert Stevens from the public defender's office is assigned to act as Catwoman's lawyer. She tells him she can afford her own lawyer, but when he asks why she didn't use her phone call to call a lawyer, she says there's no one for her to call... except one person, but she doesn't have his number.

Stevens tells her that until she hires a lawyer, he'll do his best to get her out. He thinks that she'll have a good case considering the obvious issue of entrapment and the lack of prior arrests. If she pleas guilty, she could get little to no jail-time.

In court, however, Catwoman (under the name "Jane Doe" due to her lack of identifying documents) discovers that Stevens misled her, and while she isn't going to prison, she is going to a private criminal rehabilitation facility for a two-year sentence. She is dragged out of the courtroom, screaming.

Gordon thinks that went rather well, but Bruce can only say, "Yes. That was... just what we wanted."


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