"Zephyr": Selina Kyle and her butler Wilder are attending a funeral, watching a woman cry over a gravestone. She is blocking everything except the surname "Hendrickson."

Catwoman (Volume 2) #8 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of March, 1994.

Appearing in "Zephyr"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Wilder (First appearance)
  • Miss Waverly (First appearance)


  • Zephyr (First appearance)
    • Mario
    • Tyrone
    • Jesse
    • Lewis
    • Ian Hendrickson

Other Characters:

  • Hendrickson
  • Maura Kingsley


  • Gotham City
    • The Enclave
      • Kingsley Tower
    • Hendrickson's Jewelry
    • Chiavarelli's (restaurant)



Synopsis for "Zephyr"

Selina Kyle and her butler Wilder are attending a funeral, watching a woman cry over a gravestone. She is blocking everything except the surname "Hendrickson."

A week earlier... Selina has just moved into a new apartment building in an affluent area of Gotham City called either "the Enclave" or "Prosperity" where she continues her career as a masked cat burglar.

She intercepts the jeweler Hendrickson on his way out of his store and trips him with marbles, which causes him to fall to the ground and drop his briefcase full of jewelry. His briefcase spills open, and while he scrambles to pick up the jewelry, Catwoman goes to grab his store keys. Her caper is interrupted, however, by a gang of young boys who not only take the jewels but also the keys.

Catwoman goes after them with her whip, but when a resident blows a whistle to call the neighborhood's private police force, she decides to run instead and leaves empty-handed. She returns to her apartment where she is welcomed home by Wilder. She angrily tells him about that night's failure, and he encourages her to go workout in the building's health club and work off her frustrations.

She is sweating and breathless when a building employee comes by, giving a tour to a Ms. Jeffries. Ms. Jeffries disdains exercise and offends Selina.

Selina hopes she can convince the boy gang to relocate, so she goes to find them outside of the restaurant Chiavarelli's where they accost a woman as she leaves. However, when they demand her money, she pulls out a whistle and summons the police. The woman is a private police officer named Waverly, and she radios in to report that they have the boys, but there's no sign of Catwoman.

One of the boys makes a run for it, and a rent-a-cop pulls a gun on his retreating back. Catwoman jumps down to prevent his death and take out the cops, blowing her reputation, and the boys all run. Catwoman chases after them, climbing onto the roof of a building, but she pulls up short when Zephyr jumps down in front of her.


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  • In the opening flash-forward, the gravestones in the cemetery not only include the grave for "Hendrickson" but for "Gorf" (presumably named after assistant editor Jordan B. Gorfinkel) and a "De..." (perhaps named after editor Dennis O'Neil). Additionally, Hendrickson is said to have died in 1994, the year of publication.

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