"Cat Outta Hell": Catwoman holds a knife to Sergeant Perez's throat.

Catwoman (Volume 2) #82 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2000.

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Synopsis for "Cat Outta Hell"

Catwoman holds a knife to Sergeant Perez's throat. Her cellmate Uniqua Roche attempts to talk her down, but Catwoman refuses. Uniqua attempts to take the knife from Catwoman by force, but the other prisoners instead attack the guards and take them to the cafeteria as hostages.

Director Norsing is told that the "residents" are rioting. She runs to the security monitors and sees the prisoners breaking the cameras. She sends two guards on a reconnoiter and tries to call in the state police, but they cut the phone lines.

The reconnoitering guards see blood splattered on the walls and small fires blazing, then they run into another, blonde guard who appears distressed. She gives them a rambling report, and they go to check the "time-out" cells... and the guard triumphantly notes that by the time they realize she's not in hers, they'll be in deep trouble.

In the cafeteria, the prisoners inventory the supplies and discuss what to do next. Ramirez asks Catwoman for her opinion since she took the first hostage, but when she doesn't reply, Fischer tells her to poll the others and make up a list of demands.

In Norsing's office, she is embroiled in an argument with Captain Rosetti of the state police about their contingency plans for this exact situation while the guards barricade the room and the blonde guard from earlier listens in. Norsing refuses to allow Rosetti's men to fire on the grounds, even though he says his snipers can handle the problem easily and without hitting any of the hostages.

Uniqua then arrives with a list of demands from the prisoners: an end to involuntary drug treatment, uncensored letters, phone calls and visitors, minimum wage for work performed, and complete amnesty for all participants.

Norsing insists the rehabilitation methods at the center were developed by experts, but she's committed to ending this situation--by any means necessary, she adds as Rosetti smirks.

Norsing demands that the residents release the injured Perez as a sign of good faith. Norsing agrees to allow one injured resident through for medical care as well, and she sends the blonde guard with Uniqua to escort the injured out of the building to the ambulance.

The guard excuses herself as soon as she and Uniqua are out of the director's office, claiming she left something in the residents' storage room, but she is with Uniqua when she returns to present the terms.

Ramirez and Fischer insist that Perez isn't injured, so there's no point in releasing her, while the blonde guard approaches the silent Catwoman. Ignoring the other prisoners' protests, she says, "She knows me. I'm sure she wants to talk to me, don't you?"

Catwoman says yes.

Fischer refuses to allow them to talk alone, and she insists she comes along. The guard says the more the merrier.

As they walk past the guards, Catwoman stops to kick Perez across the face.

Once the three are alone in the kitchen, Fischer demands the guard talk. The guard says this riot isn't what Catwoman wanted, and Catwoman replies that she doesn't care. She'll do anything to get out of here. "Really? Anything?" the guard asks, and she pulls a knife on Catwoman, slashing her throat. She then stabs Fischer in the heart when she tries to defend Catwoman.

The guard rushes Catwoman through the cafeteria, yelling that Fischer attacked Catwoman and she tased Fischer. The residents rush to check on Fischer while Uniqua goes to update Norsing, so the board of governors doesn't blame them.

The guard takes Catwoman to the ambulance and rides along as she's driven away. She reaches over to tase the EMT tending her, and she tells Catwoman she'll take care of the driver when they stop for a light.

"Who... are...?" Catwoman asks.

The guard pulls on a jester's hat and says, "It's me, your li'l old next-door neighbor, your old pal, your prison shrink, remember me? Doctor Harleen Quinzel!"


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