"Tag": In their childhood, Selina and Maggie Kyle play a game of tag on their apartment building's rooftop that ends on their fire escape where Selina catches her younger sister. Maggie complains it isn't fair because the stuck window ke

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Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Commissioner Michael Akins
  • Lieutenant Gromyko (Mentioned only)
  • Detective Rudy Marchak
  • Detective Stan Belivell
  • Detective Sybilla Costas
  • Detective Dylan Kelly
  • Maria Kyle (Flashback only)
  • Brian Kyle (Flashback only)
  • Valmont
  • Dr. Brooks




Synopsis for "Tag"

In their childhood, Selina and Maggie Kyle play a game of tag on their apartment building's rooftop that ends on their fire escape where Selina catches her younger sister. Maggie complains it isn't fair because the stuck window kept her from getting inside, but Selina reminds her of what Dad says: Nothing's fair.

Catwoman bungles a jewel heist during Gotham's Fashion Week and thinks that "Catwoman" would never have let things fall apart like she has. She thinks she needs to go to church and make a confession. She silently confesses, "Forgive me, Father, for I have stolen my sister's life."

In another flashback, Selina and Maggie play tag again while their father lies passed out drunk in a recliner. Selina trips on the rug and falls to the ground, and Maggie grabs hold of her shoulder. "Tag! You're it!"

In a high-class restaurant above Gotham City, detectives Marchak and Belivell receive their payment for helping the owner, Valmont, bypass certain zoning laws. They're still talking when the sprinkler system goes off. In the ensuing confusion, a "Puerto Rican cook" steals the money out of Marchak's suit pocket.

Outside, on the roof of the building, Catwoman ditches her disguise and triumphs in her victory over the mayor and his crooked cops. She is too alarmed by the building's height to escape, and in her moment of indecision, Belivell shoots at her. It doesn't connect, however, and Catwoman makes the jump.

Selina and Maggie are playing tag again while their mother makes dinner. She scolds them for running in the house. Maggie hides in the closet and says she doesn't want to play anymore.

Catwoman wakes up some time later. The last thing she remembers is Marchak and Belivell shooting at her, but she isn't wounded and the money's still tucked into her suit. She doesn't know why she can't remember how she got home.

Selina finds a power bill lying among the other bills on the ground that is addressed to "M. Kyle." She assumes the bill is for her sister Maggie, and she doesn't understand why Maggie would come back to Gotham after everything that happened ten years ago.

Further complicating matters, Selina finds her purple catsuit in her closet and her mother's crucifix on her dresser. Selina knows Maggie couldn't have planted the crucifix in her room because Maggie never knew Selina took it from the bathroom after their mother's suicide. For ten years, Selina has kept it in a safety deposit box, so Maggie couldn't possibly have gotten it. And if she isn't responsible for the crucifix, maybe she isn't the one wearing her old costume.

Selina sets up a video camera to record her movements. She goes to bed and says, to no one, "If there's any grain of truth to what I'm thinking, then I have an even bigger problem than I ever imagined."

In the GCPD, the newly appointed Commissioner Akins tells Detective Kelly and Detective Costas to stop their investigation into Catwoman immediately. Costas can't believe he knows, but Akins reveals that Kelly came to him and asked whether the investigation should continue in spite of the unfortunate circumstances of Gordon's departure. Costas feels betrayed, and when Akins assigns them to Narcotics under Lt. Gromyko at the Seventy-One, she tells Kelly to find a new partner.

Catwoman wakes up on the edge of a building's roof, one footstep away from a deadly fall. She returns to her apartment and plays the video recording, which reveals that she has been having blackouts and leading a double life in which she is Maggie pretending to be Selina as Catwoman.

But how could this happen? How could she go so far over the edge? There's only one answer she can come up with: Someone did this to her.

Thinking the two sisters and two personalities angle fit the modus operandi of Two-Face, Selina breaks into Arkham and confronts Harvey Dent. Dent denies any involvement but tells Catwoman who is responsible: the Scarecrow.

In Arkham Asylum, Two-Face is attacking his psychiatrist Dr. Brooks when Catwoman comes up behind him. She assaults him, thinking he was behind her recent psychosis. Two-Face is impressed: He can't believe that little cretin succeeded in driving her over the edge.

Two-Face collects his coin from Dr. Brooks's coat and offers to exchange the name of Catwoman's attacker for her gun. She refuses, so he decides to flip his coin--which Catwoman catches in thin air. She refuses to hand it over and says it came up unmarked. He'll have to trust her because he flips the coin again, the odds will no longer be fifty-fifty.

Two-Face angrily tells her she's too late. They transferred her boy update about three hours ago. He hates her for humiliating him, and he swore he'd do something to get back at her. She should never have crossed the Scarecrow.


  • Flashback sequences are shown of Selina and her sister Maggie as children before their mother's suicide.
  • There is a poster for "The Three Faces of Eve" at the Goodwin Center starring Julie Madison. Julie Madison is an actress and the first love interest of Bruce Wayne in the comics.


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