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"War Games: Act 2, Part 7 of 8: Betrayal": Stephanie Brown recovers consciousness once again and finds herself bloody, beaten and wasted at Black Mask's secret hideout. She manages to free herself from the handcuf

Quote1.png Attention Gotham City police. This is the Batman, and I've just taken over your airwaves. Some of you have seen me, some of you have even worked with me before. All of you know I'm good to my word. Now I'm asking you to take me at that word, and follow my orders. Quote2.png

Catwoman (Volume 3) #35 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2004. It was published on September 22, 2004.

Synopsis for "War Games: Act 2, Part 7 of 8: Betrayal"

Stephanie Brown recovers consciousness once again and finds herself bloody, beaten and wasted at Black Mask's secret hideout. She manages to free herself from the handcuff on her left wrist, but she passes out due to the pain caused by trying to free her right hand.

Catwoman patrols the East Side of Gotham and stops random acts of violence and crimes in progress. Her wrist communicator rings and she answers thinking that Holly might have a lead on Spoiler's location. However, from the other side of the line it is Oracle who answers and tells Catwoman about an attack on the East Side. In order to get Catwoman to go, Oracle suggests that Batman doesn't want Catwoman to be part of it, giving Selina all the motivation to go and stop the attack.

Oracle tells the news to Batman and he sets the next step of his plan in motion by taking over the airwaves of the entire city, including internet networks, radio frequencies and even Oracle's main system. Batman speaks and addresses to the Gotham City Police Department, giving every officer available on the streets, instructions on how to proceed. The great majority of the GCPD follow Batman's instructions while people like Commissioner Akins, James Gordon and Oracle don't approve Batman's actions.

Catwoman arrives at the place of the attacks on the East End and confronts Vicious and Pistolera. Catwoman tells the Police Officers that are trying to deal with them to follow Batman's instructions while she stays and deals with the "Ravens". Neither Vicious, nor Pistolera are match for Catwoman, and they are easily defeated. Pistolera takes a chance and shoots an oil truck, causing a big explosion that destroys the nearby buildings. Catwoman is distracted and she tries to contact Oracle, while the Ravens escape. Oracle recovers her system and sends some fire engines to the area.

Meanwhile, Stephanie recovers again and manages to get on her feet after freeing herself from Black Mask's torture chamber. Stephanie knows that she must warn Batman about Black Mask and the murder of Orpheus, but instead, she decides to go to the East Side Clinic and tell it all to Leslie Thompkins, who would later get the word to Batman.

Oracle contacts Batman and tries to make him reveal his actual plans to her, but Batman just closes the communications with her. Batman drives the Batmobile towards the Hill and talks to Orpheus' intercom, telling him that he is going towards him to set the next plan in motion. However, since Orpheus is dead, the whole information is being listened by Black Mask, who thinks about posing as Orpheus on Batman's plan.

Appearing in "War Games: Act 2, Part 7 of 8: Betrayal"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Al (GCPD)
  • Blake (GCPD)
  • Carl (GCPD)
  • Lou (GCPD)
  • Orpheus (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Robin (On a TV or computer screen)





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