"War Games: Act 3, Part 7 of 8: Multiple Fronts": Catwoman runs across Gotham City looking for Spoiler under Batman's instructions. She realizes that the situation is only worsening by the minute as the criminals take control of the city and

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Black Mask

Catwoman (Volume 3) #36 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of December, 2004. It was published on October 27, 2004.

Appearing in "War Games: Act 3, Part 7 of 8: Multiple Fronts"

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Synopsis for "War Games: Act 3, Part 7 of 8: Multiple Fronts"

Catwoman runs across Gotham City looking for Spoiler under Batman's instructions. She realizes that the situation is only worsening by the minute as the criminals take control of the city and now the police are also attacking vigilantes. However, when she reaches the docks, she finds a dozen dead cops and Zeiss standing among them.

Batman is on his way to help Tarantula and he contacts Commissioner Akins to tell him to call his men off and stop chasing Tarantula and her people. Akins replies that he is not taking orders from him anymore and that if he tries to interfere in the capture of Tarantula, he will have his men shoot Batman as well.

Meanwhile, Black Mask has gathered all the Gotham underworld around the Gotham Clock Tower claiming that it is Batman's secret lair, the Batcave. Reporter Arturo Rodriguez is broadcasting the events live and Black Mask forces him to go all the way with him. Inside the tower, Oracle transfers all her data into a satelite and empties her record files from her main system. She realizes that all the criminals in Gotham are storming her headquarters and when some of them get inside, Oracle activates all the traps in the place, stalling most of the thugs. Black Mask knew that the place would be heavily guarded and he allowed the lesser criminals to go first. After the first set of traps are discovered, Black Mask steps inside along with Rodriguez, his cameraman and Scarecrow.

At that moment, Catwoman is fighting Zeiss for the second time and she is feeling more confident this time than she was on their previous encounter. The match is fairly even and both opponents land perfect hits to the other.

Just then, Batman arrives at Tarantula's location and finds that she and her gang are trapped in the rooftop, surrounded by almost the entire GCPD. Oracle contacts Batman and tries to tell him about her dire situation but he is too busy to listen. Batman uses the Batrope to take down one of the helicopter's light and he reaches Tarantula's location, after which he uses some smoke pellets to create a distraction that allows them to move from the spotlight. As more police arrive at the scene, Batman asks Oracle for some schematics of the place, but she is completely unable to help him and when she tries to exlpain why, Batman is forced to cut the communication when several armed officers try to get on the rooftop. Batman comes up with a plan and leads Tarantula and her gang through an escape route. During those moments, Black Mask keeps getting deeper into the tower. After a few minutes, the police realizes that Batman, Tarantula and the gang have escaped the place.

Catwoman and Zeiss keep fighting relentlessly and after a while, Zeiss delivers a hard elbow hit to her face, taking her down. Catwoman then uses a flash grenade that Batman gave her in case she faced Zeiss again. The grenade causes Zeiss' vision to go blurry and without his special ability, he is defenseless against Catwoman's attacks.

Black Mask reaches the last defense mechanism of the tower, which consists of a chamber full of lasers. Black Mask thinks that the only solution is to overload the system and he grabs Scarecrow and tosses him into the lasers, burning him in the process but damaging the system enough to walk past that chamber. Black Mask then takes the camera from the cameraman and tells Rodriguez to stay out as he in going to find out for himself what is inside the "Batcave". Oracle tries to keep her defenses up, but the overload damaged the system and her whole power is down, leaving her completely unprotected. At that moment, Black Mask enters the main room, finds her and mocks her presence, calling her a "bat-secretary".

Catwoman finally defeats and chains Zeiss in the docks. She feels good after the battle and admits that Zeiss is a tough opponent. Catwoman then calls Oracle to get some police at the docks to take away Zeiss for good, but when there is no reply, Catwoman realizes that something is very wrong.

Batman, Tarantula and her gang, get out to the main street through the sewer system, far away from the danger zone. Batman commands Tarantula to lead her gang away and keep them safe, however, he is distracted when he notices Black Mask on a nearby television, while the criminal is broadcasting himself live from what he calls "The Batcave".


  • This is the seventh part of Act Three of the War Games storyline and also the last Catwoman issue in the crossover. The previous chapter is Batgirl #57 and the story continues in Batman #633.


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