"Character Driven": In the aftermath of Batman: War Games, Selina Kyle doubts that what she and her allies are doing matters. She even wonders whether she should go back to thievery, knowing that would upset Bruce but finding herself in

Catwoman (Volume 3) #37 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of January, 2005. It was published on November 17, 2004.

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Synopsis for "Character Driven"

In the aftermath of Batman: War Games, Selina Kyle doubts that what she and her allies are doing matters. She even wonders whether she should go back to thievery, knowing that would upset Bruce but finding herself indifferent after everything that's happened. She also wonders if the Black Mask who tortured Stephanie and took over Gotham's underground is the one she saw die, and she decides he must be.

While on patrol, Catwoman overhears an argument between a woman named Bridgette and a man named Grant. Bridgette says that Grant promised to get her a place uptown, but he insists he can't be held to what he said in the heat of the moment. Bridgette spits at him and calls him out for his behavior, deriding him as a rich jerk who is too afraid to go without his bodyguards while slumming it in the East End. Grant slaps her to the ground and threatens her with further violence.

Catwoman interrupts, taking out Grant's bodyguards easily. Grant is alarmed when she moves towards him. He says he saw Catwoman on the news, fighting for Batman during the rioting, and she can't hurt him because Batman would never allow her to hurt an upstanding citizen. Catwoman says she doesn't work for anyone and takes Grant out with two hits.

Bridgette is in awe, but Catwoman ignores her to rifle through the unconscious Grant's belongings. She takes his money clip, two rings, and a watch and gives it all to Bridgette, telling her give Jeffo at East Side Pawn her name. Bridgette protests, but Catwoman says she was after Grant's money anyway so she might as well. Catwoman leaves with a parting shot about how next time she might keep walking, but she mentally notes that even in her burglary days, she made time for creeps like Grant.

Catwoman is on her way home when Holly contacts her, telling her that the Alleytown Kids reported seeing someone break into Catwoman's apartment. Catwoman rushes home, but there is no sign of forced entry when she gets there.

Inside her apartment, Holly, Slam, Ted, Karon, and Leslie jump out, crying "Surprise!" It's Selina's birthday, and she's forgotten. Selina goes to change into civilian clothes to spend a night having fun with her friends.

Karon is teasing Holly about how she keeps the Alleytown Kids in line when a remark about pacifism causes Selina to wonder where Leslie has gone. She goes into the kitchen, but instead of Leslie, she finds Batman there. Batman tells her that Leslie and Slam are on the roof, and when Selina asks, he admits that Leslie didn't tell him about the party because they aren't on speaking terms. He only came by to give her a gift before resuming his patrol. He disappears when Selina turns on the light, and she opens the envelope to see that he donated $100,000 to the Adams Institute in the name of Selina and Magdalena Kyle.

On the roof, Slam and Leslie are discussing his feelings for Selina when Selina comes up the stairs. Selina thanks Leslie for being there for her the last few years and hugs her before Leslie goes to get another round, leaving Selina alone with Slam.

Slam tells her he was confiding in Leslie about some problems, and Selina knows he means her. She apologizes for the hurt she's caused him and says he's one of her best friends, to which he assures her that there's no pain. Their relationship was entirely in his head, and he knows it was never going to work out. Selina tells him she's never been a relationship person, and having Slam, Holly, and Karon in her life is enough for her after she spent so long thinking she would die alone.

Slam understands, but he needs some time on his own to get over her. He's thinking about taking a job in Keystone City. He promises to keep in touch and to see them again eventually. Slam adds that he never could compete with the Bat, though Selina claims he never had to, and he laughs off her claim that Batman thinks he could never compete with Slam.

Slam goes to see what's keeping Leslie with the drinks, leaving Selina alone on the roof. Selina realizes that this is what she'd lose if she went back to being a thief--her family.

Holly comes upstairs to tell Selina that Ted and Slam are going to arm wrestle, and Selina can't miss two grown men making fools out of themselves. As they walk downstairs, Selina asks Holly, "What's this I hear about you running around in my spare outfit while I was out of town?" Holly is shocked.


  • This is Ed Brubaker's last issue on the title
  • Slam Bradley compares his feelings for Selina Kyle to the 1950 Humphrey Bogart film In a Lonely Place [1].
  • Holly Robinson acted as Catwoman while Selina Kyle was held by the Beti-Ma during the events of Catwoman Vol 3 31. She would later act as Catwoman again following the events of One Year Later.


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