"The One You Love, Part Four": Billy Armstrong and Jack Smythe are the junior drug kingpins of the East End under the protection of Black Mask. They're playing a video game called "Gotham Massacre" as Catwoman and Batman when the real [

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Jim Lenahan

Catwoman (Volume 3) #47 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2005. It was published on September 28, 2005.

Synopsis for "The One You Love, Part Four"

Billy Armstrong and Jack Smythe are the junior drug kingpins of the East End under the protection of Black Mask. They're playing a video game called "Gotham Massacre" as Catwoman and Batman when the real Catwoman bursts into their apartment with Hammer and Sickle.

Armstrong and Smythe open-fire, but they're quickly taken out by the bulletproof Hammer and Sickle. Catwoman steps in only to stop them from killing Armstrong and Smythe. She tells the drug kingpins to find a new line of work and tells Hammer if he wants to smash capitalism he can start by smashing that TV, which is still showing "Gotham Massacre." He does so.

Hammer and Sickle are confident that the wounds they gave Armstrong and Smythe will prove fatal before long, but Catwoman calls 911. If Hammer and Sickle want her help taking control of the East End, they do things her way.

Holly is sitting in the deli when a man approaches her. The Alleytown Kids say she'll pay for info on supervillains, the bigger the villain, the bigger the payout. Holly is skeptical, especially when he says he saw Catwoman and two Russian suits take out some drug dealers, hard, five minutes ago on Lake Street.

James Lenahan and Carl Worth tease Sam Bradley about the Smart Bomb armor. He takes off flying over the East End. Holly sees and comments, "Oh, man. Another one. Just what the East End needs."

She enters Selina's apartment and barely manages to get a greeting out before Catwoman tackles her. Holly confronts her about how she isn't doing anything to stop the crime wave in the East End, and Catwoman admits that she went back to thievery. The supervillains were too much for her to handle. Holly can't believe that Selina would do such a thing, to which Selina replies, "If you can't beat 'em..." Holly is angry at Selina's betrayal, but Selina tells her she's the only reason Holly and everyone else is still alive. She leaves.

Catwoman is sitting on a rooftop when Smart Bomb flies by.

Hugo Strange, meanwhile, has cornered Robert Kuhl in his pawn shop while Hammer browses the shelves. Strange demands a book by Erik Jan Hanussen, but their conversation is interrupted when Hammer finds a pincushion where the needles go into Joseph Stalin's behind. Hammer throws Kuhl through the window. He goes to retrieve Kuhl on Strange's order, but Smart Bomb shoots him before he can reach the old man.

Hammer and Smart Bomb fight in the street. Smart Bomb drops Hammer onto a parked car, and Strange is impressed. He knows that Smart Bomb couldn't have built his suit, and he doesn't care that it's stolen. He could use someone like Smart Bomb.

Catwoman finds Kuhl's dead body lying in the middle of the street. A man approaches her from the back. He's been watching her, and he has an idea how to end this. Catwoman knows they didn't end things on the best of terms, so if this is a trick... He tells her it isn't. He's had a lot of time to think things over, and he doesn't like the way things are going. He can help her.

Later, Catwoman and Cheetah are discussing their cat themes while running through Gotham. Catwoman knows that something traumatic happened to Cheetah, but one of these days, she's going to have to face the fact that she's still human. She knocks Cheetah out with one punch.

Batman stands on the rooftop in front of her and says, "Selina... We need to talk."

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