"Backward Masking, Part Two": Holly and Karon leave a performance of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in high spirits when their discussion of fishnets leads them to wondering what Selina is up to. Everyone in the ne

Catwoman (Volume 3) #51 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of March, 2006. It was published on January 25, 2006.

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Synopsis for "Backward Masking, Part Two"

Holly and Karon leave a performance of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in high spirits when their discussion of fishnets leads them to wondering what Selina is up to. Everyone in the neighborhood saw Catwoman fighting a woman in fishnets and a top hat last night.

Their conversation is cut short when they run into Slam Bradley. Holly asks Slam if Selina knows he's back in Gotham, but Slam isn't sure he'll see his son Sam while he's in town, let alone Selina. Holly insists he stay long enough for a cup of coffee at least.

Black Mask watches them from a car. His henchman wonders if Slam's presence changes their plans, but Black Mask says it only makes things more interesting.

Catwoman is breaking into Wayne Manor via the window when Bruce shines a flashlight on her and asks her why she didn't just use the front door. Selina goes on the defensive, saying that's what villains do, which confuses him. She explains that Zatanna came to see her and asks why he didn't tell her about how some members of the Justice League of America interfered with her mind. Bruce says he had no idea they did it to her, and he alludes to the fact that they did it to him.

Selina came to Wayne Manor for one reason. Bruce knows her better than anyone else, so she wants to know: Who is she? He tells her that she's Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, who risks her life to protect the people of the East End. Selina disagrees. That was what the JLA made her, not who she really is. But Bruce says she's the same person. Whatever the JLA did to her, they can't change who she is. She controls her own life. Selina agrees.

Bruce asks Selina to stay because she doesn't look so good, but she leaves. She doesn't think he can relate to her problem--who's going to mess with his mind? Alfred comes to ask if something is wrong. He heard voices. Bruce tells him to go back to bed and heads downstairs to the Batcave where he contacts Zatanna. She should have told him what she did to Catwoman.

Catwoman is pulled over by the police on her way home. The car is stolen, of course--she couldn't take the bus out to see Bruce. The police officer asks to see her license and registration before he shines the flashlight in her face and sees that it's Catwoman. He calls for backup, but Catwoman isn't going to wait for that. She slams the car door open into him, and he fires his gun at her. She leaps away and makes her way back to her apartment.

Catwoman finds Karon sleeping on her couch. Karon is distraught when she wakes up, and she tells Selina what happened outside the movie theater in stilted fragments, faltering on "They took--" Selina demands to know if Black Mask took Holly, but Holly says he took Slam.

Slam has been tortured. Angle Man asks Black Mask if he's dead, but Black Mask assures him that there'd be little fun if he were already dead. Also, he's recovering this for posterity. Black Mask asks where Smart Bomb went, and Angle Man says he took off when Black Mask said they were going after Holly. Maybe if he'd known about the change in plans, he'd be more into it.

Sam Bradley is on the phone with Lenahan. He wants out. He tells Lenahan that he can't stand by when an innocent girl is tortured. Can he? Lenahahn sits there with his head in his hands, then says, "Go get her."

Catwoman is racing through the city, hoping she isn't too late. She drives her motorcycle through the glass door of Black Mask's office building, then shoots one of his henchmen in the shoulder. She holds the gun to his head until he admits that Black Mask's torture chamber is on subbasement three.

She is in the elevator when the floor begins to shake. Angle Man asks Black Mask if it's one of his enemies, but it's one of his friends--Smart Bomb, who demands that they let "her" go. Angle Man can't believe he's wimping out like this, but Smart Bomb shows no hesitation in shooting him.

Black Mask isn't one to argue with a tactical nuclear weapon. If he wants "him," he can take "him." Sam Bradley then realizes that Black Mask's hostage isn't Holly Robinson, it's his father Slam.

Selina is still in the elevator when the floor shakes again. She hears several thuds and whams before the elevator door opens and she sees Angle Man and Black Mask lying on the floor, either unconscious or dead. She hears Smart Bomb saying "c'mon, c'mon," and she is momentarily amazed that he would save Slam... then she learns that Smart Bomb is Sam Bradley.


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