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"The Replacements, Part Three": Months ago, Catwoman is chasing a mugger across the rooftops when he pulls out a gun and shoots at her, shooting off one of the ears on her suit. She flashes back to the night she learned she was pregnant, and she viciously takes out th

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Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

Catwoman (Volume 3) #55 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 2006. It was published on May 24, 2006.

Synopsis for "The Replacements, Part Three"

Months ago, Catwoman is chasing a mugger across the rooftops when he pulls out a gun and shoots at her, shooting off one of the ears on her suit. She flashes back to the night she learned she was pregnant, and she viciously takes out the mugger before returning her purse to the old woman he stole it from. The old woman calls after her to ask if something's wrong, and Catwoman replies that she can't do this job anymore. She has other responsibilities.

In the present, Catwoman and Wildcat are standing on a rooftop waiting for action. Wildcat is skeptical until Catwoman points out five guys robbing a jewelry store. Wildcat jumps down to take care of them while Catwoman watches, admiring Wildcat's skill and contrasting his style to Selina Kyle's as Catwoman. Afterwards, Wildcat gives Catwoman a pep talk, and she thanks him. Selina hasn't had much time to train her. Wildcat asks what Selina's been up to these days.

Slam Bradley arrives at a high-class restaurant where he asks for a reservation first by "Selina Kyle," then "Irena Dubrovna." Selina assures him that she can afford the restaurant--she has a very deep savings account. Several, in fact. Slam asks her how living off her ill-gotten goods squares with her new soccer mom lifestyle, but Selina is unrepentant. The people she robbed either had insurance or never missed what she'd stolen. Anyway, she's not as goody good as Slam might think.

Slam asks if she wants to talk about it, but she wants to talk about him. She's worried about him. He hasn't been himself lately, and while she understands why, she wants to make sure he's alright. Slam says he's fine, but he does feel like a fossil with Selina and Holly moving on with their lives.

Irena Dubrovna interviews a prospective nanny that evening at seven. She hires Miranda to watch Helena in the evening because she mostly works nights.

Jim Lenahan goes by Edison's set to ask him for a copy of the Catwoman clip he showed a few nights ago. Edison is dismissive until Lenahan grabs him by the hair. Edison compares Lenahan to several cowboy cops from movies, but all Lenahan wants is the clip. Edison burns the clip onto a DVD, saying he is all about sharing with a fellow film fan, even one that roughed him up. Lenahan is unconcerned--it's his word against Edison's. He doesn't know he's being filmed.

Selina calls Bruce Wayne to thank him for looking into Miranda for her. She hates prying into Miranda's personal business like that, but she has to do it for Helena. Bruce agrees. Protecting the innocent is all that matters. He wants to know what she plans on doing tonight, and she assures him it's nothing to worry about. She's just going to put the suit on and run across a few rooftops to feel the wind on her face. Her plans amount to nothing, however, when her suit doesn't fit her anymore.

Film Freak and Angle Man meet in an empty movie theater where Angle Man demands to know when he's going to get his chance at a rematch with Catwoman. Film Freak tells him he has to respect the three-act structure. They're currently in Act Two, during which they meet up to talk, Angle Man plots, Film Freak gives a copy of the film to a cop... Angle Man is shocked. Lenahan is the cop who arrested him. Film Freak says these are the kinds of tenuous alliances formed during the second act. And if Angle Man doesn't follow his lead, this will turn out to be a movie about Catwoman instead of him.

Catwoman runs across the rooftops, then stops to fall Miranda and ask how Helena is doing. While she is distracted, one of Film Freak's henchmen takes a shot at her and sends her flying onto a pile of trashbags. Does she remember him? She dropped a flowerpot on his head last Tuesday, and thanks to her, he got a concussion and a week in jail. He takes aim, but someone drops a cooler on his head before he can take the shot.

Film Freak receives a call while still in the movie theater. Another one of his henchmen is on the phone, saying he'll want to see this. Melvin is on Sixth and Central, filming Catwoman, and he's not going to believe this... There are two Catwoman.

Selina asks Holly if she's seen her cell phone. She might have just given her nanny a heart attack.

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