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"The Replacements, Conclusion": Months ago, Selina sat down to come up with a completely new identity. She had other identities that she'd created to use once and then throw away, but this one had to be different. She built a completely new person with a paper trail s

Quote1.png Lenahan, at first I just thought you needed to step out and get a little fresh air... but now, looking at this, I'm thinking you need to get out of Gotham completely... and get a girl... any girl... except, of course, her. Quote2.png
Detective Worth

Catwoman (Volume 3) #57 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of September, 2006. It was published on July 19, 2006.

Synopsis for "The Replacements, Conclusion"

Months ago, Selina sat down to come up with a completely new identity. She had other identities that she'd created to use once and then throw away, but this one had to be different. She built a completely new person with a paper trail starting with her birth certificate down to credit card receipts. She could have bought an identity like the one she'd created, but she couldn't trust anyone but herself. The stakes were too high.

In the present, Catwoman is standing in the doorway to her daughter's bedroom while Angle Man holds her daughter and Film Freak records her. Catwoman scans the room for anything that can be used as a weapon, but it's the one room in the entire building that's been child-proofed. Angle Man threatens to dub over the movie Film Freak is making with the sound of a baby's cries.

Carl Worth tells Jim Lenahan that he's gone past needing to get out of the precinct and now he needs to get out of the city. He needs a girl too, anyone except Catwoman. Lenahan says that there are two Catwomen, pointing out the photos of Catwoman taken before her assault on Black Mask and the ones taken during her attack on Angle Man. Lenahan then receives a call from Slam Bradley looking for his son, but Lenahan insists he isn't there. Slam knows Sam is working an undercover job, but he needs to speak to him.

Slam is cut off by the sight of the first Green Lantern shooting across the sky. He thinks it's Sam.

Back in Irena Dubrovna's apartment, Catwoman turns off the light in her daughter's nursery and pulls down her night vision goggles. Angle Man threatens Helena, but Film Freak delays him to fix the lighting on his camera. Catwoman dives for her daughter, pulling her out of Angle Man's arms as she punches him in the face. She then kicks him in the crotch and knocks Film Freak's camera out of his hands. With them stunned, she runs with Helena in her arms, but Angle Man takes out a triangle and throws it, slicing her heel and sending her falling to the ground. The men recover, and Film Freak picks up his camera again.

Catwoman and Wildcat are on a rooftop playing gin. Catwoman complains and asks to play a different game, but Wildcat tells her not to knock the classics. Catwoman wonders if they shouldn't be out patrolling, but sometimes the action comes to them. Green Lantern greets Wildcat, and Wildcat introduces him to the new Catwoman, who's in awe. Green Lantern is there to get Wildcat's help fighting Per Degaton in Manhattan. Wildcat and Green Lantern say goodbye to Catwoman and fly off, and Catwoman heads home, not knowing she's being watched.

Lenahan and Worth receive another phone call. They hope it's not Bradley's dad again.

Catwoman lies, injured, on the floor of Irena Dubrovna's apartment with Helena in her arms while Angle Man and Film Freak stand over her. Film Freak takes the time to get a classic "trombone" shot of Catwoman, moving closer to her. Catwoman waits until he's a foot away before slamming her head into his, injuring him and breaking his camera. Angle Man calls that her last mistake. He pulls out his gun, but when he shoots, Catwoman rolls away and dodges the bullets. She kicks Angle Man in the face, sending his gun flying across the room. Film Freak is furious that Catwoman broke his camera, but she knocks him out with one punch before he can do anything about it.

Catwoman stands triumphant in her apartment for a moment before she sets Helena down, pulls the triangle out of her ankle, and calls Holly. The other Catwoman is walking home with bagels for Karon when her phone rings, but she can't answer it before she is surrounded by police. Lenahan tells her she's going to fry for the murder of Black Mask.

Catwoman calls Slam next, but he doesn't pick up either. She has to clean up this mess herself. She puts Helena back to bed, and she helps the dazed Miranda to her own bed. She'll take her to a doctor in the morning. Then she pulls out a taser and a roll of duct tape for her other guests.

Angle Man taunts her as she ties him up. They know her identity, and there's nothing to stop them from finding her by any other identity she uses or from telling other supervillains (who want a piece of her) who she is. The only way to stop them is to kill him, but that should be easy. She's done it before.

Catwoman tapes over his mouth and makes a phone call. She says, "I need it done, and I need it done quickly. The clock is running, and the stakes are high. Very high. If this doesn't happen--and happen soon--someone is going to die. It might be a couple of thugs. It might be me. It might be an innocent child. Lives are in danger, and you're the only one who can save them."

The person on the other end protests that she can't. Catwoman of all people should understand why.

Catwoman replies, "I only understand two things. One, my baby's life is on the line. And two... you owe me, Zatanna."

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