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"Sons and Daughters": Selina agrees that she and Slam they need to talk--about her and Sam, about the both of them, about what happened to him and what happened to her. Selina and Slam sit down in the

Quote1.png You should understand, Holly. More than anyone else. Sometimes you have to take a life... to save a life. Quote2.png
Selina Kyle

Catwoman (Volume 3) #62 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 2007. It was published on December 20, 2006.

Synopsis for "Sons and Daughters"

Selina agrees that she and Slam they need to talk--about her and Sam, about the both of them, about what happened to him and what happened to her. Selina and Slam sit down in the living room with Holly and Karon. Selina says she's figured out when things started to go crazy... the split second when she killed Black Mask.

Holly drops the bottle of scotch she was holding. She can't believe Selina wouldn't tell her something like that. Selina says the stakes were too high to tell anyone, and besides, Holly of all people should know that sometimes you have to take a life to save a life. Slam defends Selina. She had her reasons. Selina agrees, then adds that there was no reason for Helena. She just happened.

Karon is shocked that Sam is the father when Selina and Slam were always... She trails off. Slam admits that Sam told him about their relationship, but he can't understand why either. He wonders if he was too old and broken down for Selina and she decided to go with the younger model. Selina says looks had nothing to do with it.

One year ago, Catwoman and Sam Bradley, wearing a baseball cap with a bandana over his mouth, spend a night together fighting crime in Gotham City. Black Mask was dead, but his empire lived on, and Catwoman and Sam were determined to shut it down. They took out the minor street-level members of his organization, but really they were after Black Mask's right-hand man Xavier Dylan. Sam wanted him dead for what he had done to Slam, and Selina did too at first. She changed her mind, though, and she convinced him that the best way to take Dylan down was to get his men to testify against him. The night they captured Dylan and left him for the police, they spent the night together. It was only once, but it only took once.

Dylan was back on the street a week later thanks to his expensive lawyer. He found Sam walking down the street and threatened a playground full of children to convince Sam to get inside his car. In Black Mask's old apartment, his goons beat Sam up as Dylan ranted about how Sam's disguise didn't work and how Sam and Catwoman embarrassed him. He told Sam not to worry about how loud his screams got. He didn't have neighbors, so no one was going to hear them. He shot Sam in the kneecap.

Dylan sent his men away for more privacy. He dug out Sam's phone and figured out that "Selina" must be someone important if Sam was making so many late-night phone calls to her. Dylan called her as Selina was taking a pregnancy test. Dylan told her to come over if she wanted to see Sam alive again.

Dylan resumed taunting Sam as they waited for Selina's arrival, but he stopped when he smelled something unusual. Sam had removed the gas cap from the oven and now was igniting his lighter, exploding the apartment and both them inside it. Catwoman arrived in time only to see the apartment go up in flames. She found Sam floating in water outside the apartment building and told him she was pregnant with his baby, and he replied that now they'd both be safe before he died from his injuries.

Holly wants to know why Selina didn't just tell them. Selina says she couldn't think of anything at the time except keeping Helena safe, and she also knew that the truth would be hard for some people to hear. But Slam knew. Sam told him that he and Selina were in a relationship, so he could figure it out easily. That's part of the reason why this past year has been so hard on him. First he was tortured by Black Mask, then he found out his son was in a relationship with the woman he loved, then his son died. But maybe speaking openly about everything that's happened will keep him from hitting rock bottom.

Karon brings out a now awake Helena, and they gather around the baby, pointing out that she has Sam's nose and Slam's eyes.

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