"The Paperweight, Part One": Holly follows Catwoman across the snow-covered rooftops. She wants to know more about how Sam Bradley became Helena's father. She asks why she d

Catwoman (Volume 3) #63 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of March, 2007.

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Synopsis for "The Paperweight, Part One"

Holly follows Catwoman across the snow-covered rooftops. She wants to know more about how Sam Bradley became Helena's father. She asks why she didn't name her daughter "Samantha" in honor of her deceased father, and Catwoman assures her that Sam's being remembered in other ways.

The two are watching a Gotham Pizza man delivery man carry a pizza towards an apartment building and press the buzzer. He is tackled by Detective Lenahan when he answers the door. Lenahan brandishes his badge when the delivery man asks, "What the hell?" and he demands to know the delivery man's connection to the woman who lives here--Catwoman. The delivery man threatens to sue the city as Lenahan shouts out that he'll be watching him, and Catwoman says, "And that, Holly... is why you can't go home again."

Holly is unconvinced as they walk down the street in their civilian clothes. Lenahan is only one cop, but Selina says that Holly remains a blip on the Gotham City Police Department radar now that her name is linked to Catwoman. Some cop will try to make a name for himself by bringing in a Catwoman. They collide with the delivery man, and as they walk away, Selina slips five hundred dollars into his hand for his trouble. Holly asks if Selina can't erase her from the police database, but that's out of her league.

That night, at a secret location in Alaska, two men named Yuri and Sidney exchange news of their children before exchanging their prisoners. Yuri has brought thirteen covert American operatives with muscular modifications while Sidney has only brought two Russian prisoners--Hammer and Sickle. Yuri and Sidney describe Hammer and Sickle as relics of the Cold War right as Hammer breaks free of his restraints, then frees his sister. Sickle slices off Yuri's head as the soldiers open-fire on her and her brother. Hammer then throws a helicopter on Sidney and the remaining soldiers, killing them.

Holly thanks Selina for opening her apartment up to her, but she misses her own belongings and she's tired of listening to old jazz. She asks Selina if Bruce Wayne could help. Selina acknowledges that he has resources Selina doesn't, including a woman who calls herself Oracle who covers all his hacking needs. But Selina can't call Batman to ask for help. He can't know that she killed Black Mask.

Instead Selina calls Calculator. He taunts her by rattling off her aliases then putting her on hold. In his headquarters, Calculator tells Triple Threat that if they want in with his former colleagues, then they'll stop the single non-powered woman who is on her way there. He resumes his phone call with Selina and tells her to be there, in costume, in half an hour.

Lenahan is passed out at his desk when Detective Worth comes to tell him that the lieutenant wants him in his office in five minutes. The lieutenant wants to talk about how much time he's putting into his Catwoman investigation.

Selina says goodbye to Holly and Helena. Holly can't understand why Selina is going as Catwoman to clean up Holly's mess, and Selina tells her the whole point is to keep her out of jail. That means their identities must be protected. She dives out the window and asks, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Lt. Greene wants to know what happened to Lenahan. He used to be one of the best, but now he's as obsessive as the people in costume, the people he's trying to catch. Greene needs him closing cases, not assaulting a pizza guy who is now suing the department with the backing of the multinational company he works for. Lenahan claims that he's too close to give up, but Greene says that if he doesn't get to work on a real case, he can turn in his badge. Lenahan understands perfectly.

Calculator's building is in sight when Catwoman is jumped by Triple Threat. They brawl, but Catwoman quickly takes two of them out and gets the third to run. She confronts Calculator with the glasses of the two she defeated and claims he owes her forty dollars for her damaged cowl. But Catwoman wants to talk business. Calculator immediately guesses that she wants Holly Robinson deleted from the police database, and Calculator is willing to do that in exchange for a souvenir--a snow-globe of Metropolis.

Catwoman wonders why he wants a snow-globe of all things, and Calculator reveals that it once belonged to his employer Lex Luthor.


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