"The Paperweight, Part Two": Today, Catwoman is thrown across a room by an explosive blast, colliding with a desk holding the snow-globe Calculator asked her to steal for him in exchange for his wiping clean [[Holly Robinson (New Earth)|Ho

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Catwoman (Holly Robinson)

Catwoman (Volume 3) #64 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of April, 2007.

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Synopsis for "The Paperweight, Part Two"

Today, Catwoman is thrown across a room by an explosive blast, colliding with a desk holding the snow-globe Calculator asked her to steal for him in exchange for his wiping clean Holly Robinson's record. A man places his hand on Catwoman's shoulder and says, "Excuse me."

Yesterday, Selina is on a train that has just reached a snowy Metropolis when she considers why she chose the name "Irena Dubrovna" as her alias. She has always related to the main character of the film "Cat People," who she quotes as saying, "I like the dark. It's friendly." Selina agrees. That's why she's always liked Gotham. It's dark, it's cozy, it's home. Metropolis, on the other hand, is too damned sunny.

Selina navigates her way through the crowd of people staring up and marveling at a flying Superman as she recalls how a week ago Calculator gave her this mission in exchange for his help. He wants a snow-globe of Metropolis that used to belong to Lex Luthor. Selina enters LexCorp in disguise and joins a tour group. She asks the tour guide where Lex Luthor's things are, and she awkwardly states that Lexcorp has moved past that controversial chapter in their history. Luthor's dangerous experiments are safely underground behind tons of steel and concrete. The only person who could get into there is Superman.

Selina takes her chance to slip away from the tour group and pick the lock to a door labeled "no admittance." Unluckily, there's a camera in the maintenance tunnel, but that can't stop Catwoman from robbing them blind. She changes into her suit and sneaks down the tunnel.

In Gotham, Holly is suiting up herself to find a girl who has gone missing in the East End. Karon worries that Holly is endangering herself by going out in costume when she's wanted by the police. She thinks Holly should wait for Selina to get back so she could rescue the little girl. If it were Helena, would Karon want her to wait? Karon doesn't respond, and Holly asks her to open the window.

That Catwoman jumps from the rooftop onto a police blimp, which carries her to the East End.

The original Catwoman, meanwhile, has made her way to subbasement six of Lexcorp where she knocks out the lone security guard and breaks into the room he is guarding. Which is completely empty. Catwoman looks around and confirms what the tour guide told her--there's a dozen feet of concrete and three dozen feet of steel underneath her, guarding Lex Luthor's experiments.

But Catwoman brought the teleporting device she stole from Warp the day before. She sets it up and teleports downwards through the concrete and steel.

Somewhere over southeastern Alaska, Hammer and Sickle are flying a stolen helicopter and planning what to do next. They decide to return to Gotham and get their revenge on Catwoman for putting them in prison.

Catwoman lands in the storage room after a dizzying journey downwards. She looks around and grabs a glimmering, colorful mineral as she thinks it would be a waste to come all this way for only a snow-globe. A noise alarms her, but the other person in the storage room turns out to be her. The battered Catwoman tells her she needs to watch out for Loo--but she disappears before she can finish her sentence. Catwoman convinces herself it was nothing. Luthor was into some crazy stuff.

She resumes her search, but a killer robot distracts her and she has to dodge its attacks while looking for something that can stop it. She finds a machine gun and open-fires, blowing up the robot. The explosion pushes her backwards so that she collides with a desk holding the snow-globe. She grabs hold of it, but her triumph is short-lived. Lex Luthor places a hand on her shoulder and says, "Excuse me. But I believe that belongs to me."


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