"Catwoman Dies, Part Two": Catwoman is running down the stairs to escape Hammer and Sickle when she trips and falls. Hammer stands over her, smiling. He throws Catwoman upwards through a skylight as a ne

Catwoman (Volume 3) #67 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 2007.

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Synopsis for "Catwoman Dies, Part Two"

Catwoman is running down the stairs to escape Hammer and Sickle when she trips and falls. Hammer stands over her, smiling. He throws Catwoman upwards through a skylight as a news copter from Channel Eight observes.

The original Catwoman watches the news footage in horror at Calculator's place. Calculator stops her from running out to fight them unprepared, and he offers to send the updated information about Hammer and Sickle to her... and if she survives the fight, she'll owe him one. That's a position he likes to be in.

Selina rides on the side of a train to the East End as Calculator fills her in on Hammer and Sickle's bio-upgrades. Selina slips by two police officers as they eat and talk about the situation, and she picks the utility belt of one.

Hammer and Sickle have beaten Holly viciously, and they know now that she isn't the same Catwoman who betrayed them. They are about to kill her when Selina throws a flashbang grenade at them, which goes off in their faces. Then she takes out a gun and fires at Sickle repeatedly before kicking Hammer off the roof. She pulls Holly upright, then shoots at Sickle again when she begins to get up. Selina notes that it's not that easy to kill her before she and Holly take off.

They run into Blitzkrieg as they climb down the building, and Holly punches her out. She tells Selina that things went bad, really bad, and she doesn't know how much more... Selina assures her that the worst is over as a SWAT team bursts in and points their guns at the Catwomen. Their leader tells the Catwomen to please give them an excuse, and when they see Jim Lenahan's head, he decides that they just did.

Hammer bursts in behind them and starts smacking SWAT team members out of his way to reach Selina. Selina yells for Holly to run.

Slam Bradley is leaving a meeting with Chuck, who invites him to have a cup of coffee. Slam says that he'd rather go home and watch "His Kind of Woman" on TV. Slam says he'll see Chuck next week as he walks past an electronics store where a partially unmasked Holly is on a TV, jumping out of a window.

Holly lands in the trash mere feet from two police officers, who point their guns at her. They aren't able to shoot before a flashbang grenade drops down on them from above, temporarily blinding them and giving Holly the chance to escape.

Selina is dodging Hammer when she runs into Blitzkrieg. She demands to know if Blitzkrieg's power gloves still work. She grabs them anyway and says that a heart attack might be the only thing that can stop Hammer. She only has one glove on when he appears in the doorway behind her and grabs her by the head and lifts.

He is too distracted by her chatter to notice when she pulls the other glove on. With both hands, she grabs him by his head and blasts. He clutches at his face, but he remains upright. Catwoman blasts him again as Blitzkrieg crawls across the floor. She blasts him a third time, sending him falling out the window.

Four GCPD officers surround him, pointing guns at him, as the Channel Eight news crew films. He punches out the camera.

Slam is on the phone with Karon, who at least knows that Holly got out okay. Helena looks over at her from inside her playpen as Slam says, "Sure hope Selina did."

Selina comes to on the floor of the apartment. She looks out the hole she made to find the four GCPD officers either dead or unconscious on the ground. She notices that the power gloves are gone a split second before she notices Sickle behind her. Sickle hits her in the back of the head. She sits on the knees of the supine Catwoman, her sickle at her throat, to recount their history and explain her bio-upgrades, including her improved sense of smell. She can smell baby powder and fear on her. Catwoman demands to know where Sickle's brother has gone, and Sickle replies "I think you know" as she slams Catwoman's head into the wall.

Karon and Helena are alone at the apartment when Karon hears a knock on the door, which causes the cat to hiss, and tells Slam that it's probably Holly, who must have forgotten her key in all the excitement. Hammer snarls through the peephole.


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