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"Life During Wartime": Catwoman tackles Magda to try and take the primed bio bomb from her as the Gotham City Police Department surrounds them with guns drawn. If Magda drops the bio bomb, half the city dies. She blames herself for stealing t

Catwoman (Volume 3) #70 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 2007.

Synopsis for "Life During Wartime"

Catwoman tackles Magda to try and take the primed bio bomb from her as the Gotham City Police Department surrounds them with guns drawn. If Magda drops the bio bomb, half the city dies. She blames herself for stealing the bio bomb from S.T.A.R. Labs in the first place as the police fire at the grappling women.

Catwoman decides to trust the old war movies when they say that a grenade won't go off if the pin is still in. She uses her whip to bind Magda's hands together, which causes her to drop the grenade. Catwoman catches it as a GCPD officer shoots Magda in the head. She's shocked. They didn't need to do that when Magda was disarmed.

The police say that they know Catwoman was working with the Bana. They also know she and an accomplice where involved in the death of Detective Lenahan. She's coming with them.

Catwoman smiles. "No, I don't think I will," she says. She holds the bio bomb. The police are going to let her escape, or she'll drop it. She slips down a manhole and escapes through the sewers as the other members of the Bana, Rena and Larra wake up in the alleyway.

Rena tells Larra that their calling requires sacrifice and kills her before the GCPD come to investigate the alley from which Catwoman came. She runs away as the GCPD find Larra's body and figure that Catwoman is playing for keeps.

Rena returns to the warehouse where she tells their leader of Magda and Larra's deaths. Their leader is angry and tells Rena that it is her fault, as well as Magda and Larra's, that they did not succeed where their sisters in other cities did. She leaves with the others to join their sisters in Washington, D.C., but Rena will stay behind. Rena has a very important loose end to die up, she says--as an abandoned laptop shows an image of Catwoman.

Selina sits in a cafe reading about her success in the East Ender newspaper. Her mood changes as she reads about the violence in other cities, but she tells herself she's a thief, not a war hero.

That night, Catwoman returns to the Bana warehouse regardless and finds it empty. She looks around for evidence of what they have planned that she can give to Bruce, but she finds nothing before receiving a phone call from Oracle. She warns Catwoman that one of the Bana is unaccounted for. Catwoman thinks Rena took off with the rest of the Bana, but Oracle doubts that--within the last half hour, the internet searches in that neck of the woods have switched from "Catwoman" to "Selina Kyle." After checking that Rena can't be listening in on this line, Catwoman asks Oracle to connect her to Wayne Manor.

Selina returns to her apartment with Helena. She thinks that this life of constant danger isn't fair to her or to Helena, and tonight it ends, one way or another.

Rena climbs into Selina's apartment. She walks past the sleeping Selina into Helena's nursery, and she pulls out a knife as she lifts Helena out of her crib. Selina wakes up then and presses a detonator, which reveals that "Helena" was a dummy as said dummy releases a pink gas inside the apartment. Selina holds a hammer as she says, "Hi. I've been expecting you." She brings the hammer down on Rena's head.

Selina says it would have been a fair fight if Rena had attacked her, but she went after Helena. She beats Rena unconscious then calls Alfred, telling him she'll pick Helena up tomorrow, and Oracle, asking that someone who isn't busy in D.C. come pick Rena up.

Rena suddenly stands, seizing, as an unknown voice says that her dedication is impressive... She hasn't stopped struggling since she regained unconsciousness, not that it's doing her any good. She is trying to dislodge and swallow a cyanide tooth, but Martian Manhunter won't let her. He won't let Rena make a waste of Catwoman's courageous deed.

Martian Manhunter flies away with Rena.

The next morning, Selina picks Helena up from Wayne Manor. They're driving away and into the city as Selina flashes back to all the dangerous situations Helena has been in during her short life. Helena is in high spirits, but Selina is solemn.

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