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""Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Universe (Part I)"": Catwoman quickly recaps of how she was deported from Earth with Lex Luthor, Deadshot, Chemo, [[Barba

Catwoman (Volume 3) #75 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of March, 2008.

Synopsis for "Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Universe (Part I)"

Catwoman quickly recaps of how she was deported from Earth with Lex Luthor, Deadshot, Chemo, Cheetah, Blockbuster, and Bane.

Catwoman compliments Lex Luthor on his speech and asks him if he can really get them home. He assures he can do anything given enough time, and he estimates that they are about four thousand light-years away from Earth. Catwoman can't believe people would do this, but there is precedent: Australia, for instance. Luthor estimates that forty-seven augmented offenders disappeared from Earth within the past two weeks. Their mistake was in taking Lex Luthor too. He'll rule this planet, and then he'll return to rule theirs as well! Catwoman walks off, claiming she has unfinished business to take care of.

She tackles Deadshot. She blames him for shooting her and getting her into this mess, but before she can do more than threaten him, Cheetah pulls her off and reminds her that she hasn't paid her back for that bit with Hugo Strange. Blockbuster knocks Cheetah out before she can hurt Catwoman either, and Luthor tells them that he's found two potential power sources--likely, local civilizations. He suggests they go find them, but Catwoman has slunk away.

She spies the Rogues sitting in the middle of the woods around a campfire, but before she can approach them, she's captured by Killer Croc, who hands her over to the Joker. The Joker taunts her about her daughter and flirts with her, so she headbutts him and walks away while he's laughing at his own jokes.

Catwoman is sitting on a hill considering her situation when she is found by Cheetah, Chemo, and Blockbuster, who were sent by Luthor to bring her back.

Luthor has found a hatch in the planet that he wants Catwoman and Cheetah to break into--Catwoman as the burglar, Cheetah as her protection. The two of them find their way into an underground chamber filled with strange machines with strange symbols on them. Using the communicator he cobbled together, Luthor directs them to what he believes to be the most important machine, based on his rudimentary understanding of the planet's written language. Cheetah is thrilled that they might be able to get home, so upon hearing which machine they're looking for, Cheetah rushes over to it, shoving Catwoman aside and turning it on.

Bright lights go on, and mist starts to pour into the room. An overhead tunnel opens up, and Cheetah climbs up into it in spite of Catwoman's warnings. There is a large, blinding flash of light, and Catwoman finds herself alone again, lying in the middle of a Gotham City street.

Her initial relief faces when she hears a gun cock and a voice behind her say, "You committed murder. You killed Black Mask." She turns to find Batman holding the gun to her head, and he asks, "Did you really think I'd let you get away with it?"

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  • Includes DC Nation #96 editorial by Dan DiDio.

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