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"Waking Up On the Wrong Side of the Universe, Part Two": Batman is holding a gun up against Catwoman's head, saying, "You committed murder. You killed Black Mask. Did you really think I'd let you get away with it?" Catwoman can't belie

Catwoman (Volume 3) #76 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of April, 2008.

Synopsis for "Waking Up On the Wrong Side of the Universe, Part Two"

Batman is holding a gun up against Catwoman's head, saying, "You committed murder. You killed Black Mask. Did you really think I'd let you get away with it?" Catwoman can't believe that Bruce would ever use a gun. Batman fires but no bullet emerges. He says he forgot to reload, and Catwoman knows this can't be the real Batman. She attacks. The two fight for some time, but Catwoman quickly defeats him, which proves that he can't be the genuine article... but when she unmasks him, it's Bruce Wayne.

She notices that it looks like Bruce has let himself go , but she saw him just a few days ago. His decline would have taken years. She pulls his mask back up before walking away.

Catwoman recounts the events of the last few issues as the police pull up. She waits to see how Batman escapes them, but instead the police approach him civilly and follow his lead when he points to Catwoman on the roof. One fires a missile at her, and Catwoman barely dodges in time.

Catwoman thinks that's overkill for a sneak thief, then a GCPD blimp flies overhead and begins firing down at her. She runs from the bullets until she jumps through a church window.

She lands hard, and she says, "OK. Now I really need to know. Where the hell am I?" An unknown voice answers, "Wrong question, princess. The correct question is "Who the hell are you?" And as a follow-up, I'd suggest "And why are you dressed like me?""

She turns to find another Catwoman with two snarling panthers. Selina insists that she's Catwoman, and the other Catwoman says, "You're the most wanted criminal on the face of the Earth. You're personally responsible for more assaults, robberies, and deaths than any other person in U.S. history. You're the one with the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the Justice League, and the JSA hot on your tail." Selina denies that, to which the other Catwoman replies by calling her a wannabe.

The other Catwoman sics her panthers on Selina, and as she fights them, Selina considers the oddity of her recent situation. She realizes that she is absurdly powerful in this reality, and she kicks away one panther like she's nothing and intimidates the other into backing down.

Selina whips her gun out of the other Catwoman's hands when she tries to sneak up on her, and she presses her foot against the other's neck. She has a few questions, and the other Catwoman proves eager to talk thanks to her ego and the gun Selina took from her and is now pointing at her head, and she explains everything, including how she tortured Black Mask... just like he tortured her sister Selina.

Selina pistol whips the other Catwoman and orders her to take her mask off, which she does, revealing that she's an alternate version of Selina's sister Maggie. Selina is shocked and distracted, so Maggie kicks the gun out of her hand, catches it, and begins firing.

One of her bullets hits Selina in the stomach, but she's unharmed. Selina punches Maggie once, and she goes flying out a window.

Selina considers what Bruce told her about alternate universes, including the one where they had married and had a kid, but she doesn't want to stick around and find out which universe this is. She wants to see a familiar face... which is when Martian Manhunter appears.

He warns her that this place isn't what it appears, but before he can say anything more, a helicopter begins to fire bullets at them. Selina is blown back, but unharmed. She realizes that in this reality, she can do anything, anything at all. She laughs.

Lex Luthor stares up at the floating body of Catwoman and reveals that she is in a stasis generator holding her in suspended animation. Her vital signs are slipping, however. If she doesn't get out of this device soon, she'll die in it... which makes him wonder why she's smiling.

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