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"The Long Road Home, Part One": Catwoman tells Hammer and Sickle that she realizes this situation is a tad awkward, but they can use each other right now. They all want to get back to Earth.

Catwoman (Volume 3) #78 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2008.

Synopsis for "The Long Road Home, Part One"

Catwoman tells Hammer and Sickle that she realizes this situation is a tad awkward, but they can use each other right now. They all want to get back to Earth.

Rumor has it that Lex Luthor has figured a way off Cygnus 4019, but Luthor is as all-American as it gets. Catwoman doubts that he'll want anything to do with the two Russian supervillains, so for at least a little while, can't they all just get along? Hammer and Sickle agree not to kill her until they're back on Earth, so Catwoman leads them towards Luthor and company.

Slam Bradley is on Earth still, beating up a multiplying supervillain called Repro in a bar. Repro's doubles disappear when he's unconscious, and Slam carries his single body outside.

Slam remembers how he was investigating Selina and Helena's disappearance without any luck when he discovered that Catwoman wasn't the only supervillain to go missing.

On Salvation, Catwoman, Hammer, and Sickle are spying on Luthor's camp when Cheetah leaps onto Catwoman and tells her they had unfinished business.

Inside Bradley Investigations, Slam dumps water onto Repro's head to wake him up. Repro thinks Slam is a cop, but Slam says "not even close" before hitting him across the face with the Yellow Pages. He tells him he's looking for a woman, but she's not in the book... She's disappeared. Slam offers him a beer, and when Repro is drunk, he admits that he saw Catwoman being taken by Count Vertigo and Deadshot. Slam asks if Repro knows where they took her, and Repro says he can take him there.

Cheetah sits on the prone Catwoman's back, and Catwoman asks why Hammer and Sickle aren't helping her. They say their pact only covered not killing her, not saving her when someone else tried to kill her. Cheetah lifts Catwoman over her head and prepares to drop her down on Luthor's camp, which is filled with people who don't trust Catwoman, but Catwoman swings out of her hold and knocks her to the ground. She manages to wrap her whip around Cheetah's head, but Cheetah uses that to pull her down to the ground where they land right by Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Killer Croc, and

Catwoman lights the cigar the Joker gave her and throws it in Cheetah's face. It explodes, knocking her unconscious.

Catwoman runs up to Lex Luthor and demands a word, but he is distracted by an explosion in the sky.

Slam and Repro discuss how the latter was born with his power (and its drawback) as they head towards where Count Vertigo and Deadshot took Catwoman... only he's lying, and the warehouse where he leads Slam is full of his doubles, ready and eager to fight Slam in revenge for the bar fight he lost.

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