"The Long Road Home, Part Two": Repro and many of his doubles have surrounded Slam Bradley and attack him.

Catwoman (Volume 3) #79 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 2008.

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Synopsis for "The Long Road Home, Part Two"

Repro and many of his doubles have surrounded Slam Bradley and attack him.

Elsewhere in Gotham, a man is on his phone arguing about an encounter with Batman when a woman walks by. The man gasps, "I heard you was dead!"

Catwoman says she's never felt more alive. She borrows his phone to call Slam, but Repro picks up instead. He holds up Slam's phone to his ear and asks if he has any last words. He does: "Warehouse. Twenty-ninth and prospect. Bring an army."

Catwoman hands the phone back to the man she borrowed it from and runs to rescue Slam. She bursts through the window of the warehouse and breaks the light, dousing the room in darkness and giving her an advantage. She takes out the doubles before finding the original Repro and wrapping her whip around his neck.

Selina and Slam catch up on everything they've missed, and Selina reveals to Slam that she doesn't know where Helena is. Slam doesn't ask any follow-up questions.

Repro wakes up, and Catwoman comments that when she was sent away, neither Repro nor the Thief was sent away too. She pulls Slam's gun on Repro.

Selina remembers learning this move from an expert: Batman. One night she was walking on the rooftops with Helena when she came across Batman intimidating a man into telling him everything he needed to know, just by reminding him that if he really was crazy like everyone says, then there was no predicting what he'd do.

In the present, Repro swears he'll talk, but Catwoman says he's getting a little ahead of himself. She holds the gun on him as he babbles about how he can tell her everything she wants to know about the Thief, but she's waiting him out... waiting for his doubles to burst through the door. The doubles overcome Catwoman, and Repro takes the gun from her and shoots her. They all escape while Slam cradles Catwoman's body.

Once they're gone, Catwoman sits up--to Slam's relief. He quickly figures out that she replaced the bullets in his gun with blanks, and Catwoman reveals she wanted to convince Repro, who will convince the Thief, that he'd killed her, which meant she had to convince Slam too.

The Thief took Selina's home, her possessions, and he almost took her life. Now she's going to take it all back. It's time to remind everyone... Catwoman's back!


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