"Final Jeopardy, Part 1": The Thief is planning his next heist when Repro comes to tell him that Catwoman is dead.

Catwoman (Volume 3) #80 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 3) with a cover date of August, 2008.

Synopsis for "Final Jeopardy, Part 1"

The Thief is planning his next heist when Repro comes to tell him that Catwoman is dead.

The Thief is not as excited as Repro hoped. The freaks are coming back, and Gotham City is about to be too crowded. He uses a sonic generator to transmit a frequency that negates Repro's powers, and he shoots and kills him.

The Thief reassures himself that he killed the guy who killed Catwoman. The Bat can't trace it back to him as long as he gets rid of a single body. He'll do his last heist, then he can get out of town before the freaks take back Gotham.

The Thief doesn't know that Catwoman is watching him. While he's driving away with Repro's body, she checks out the plans for his last heist and thinks she can really work with this.

The Thief is robbing Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth's mansion while they're in Switzerland when he suddenly doubles over, clutching his eyes. Catwoman says her dart was only enough to shatter the lenses, not hurt him, but if those happened to be prescription lenses, that would put him at a disadvantage... Also she's back.

The Thief pulls a gun on Catwoman and shoots. He seems to hit her, and when she runs, he follows the pools of blood that she leaves behind... then he steps down on a trip wire, setting off an explosion that brings a glass panel down on him.

Catwoman picks up his fallen gun and shoots him three times in the left arm. She tells him to consider that payback for drugging her and having a room full of goons beat her senseless.

She shows him the tube of fake blood she used to trick him and the photos she took of him disposing of Repro's body. He can keep those copies, she has her own and she sent another set to the Gotham City Police Department. The Thief asks her whatever happened to honor among thieves, and she says, "Very funny."

She points out that she has him at her mercy, and she asks him if there's anything he wants to say. "No hard feelings?" the Thief asks, and Catwoman replies, "None at all," before diving at him.

She beats him up, but she decides against interrogating him about who he is and his motives for coming after her. He's a rank amateur who was lucky enough to hit her at a bad time. She tells him he should have quit being "the Thief" and started being "the Murderer" when he had the chance. She kicks him unconscious.

The Thief wakes up an unknown amount of time later and stumbles out of the Wadsworth Mansion into a thunder storm. He makes his way home, but Catwoman's waiting for him there... and she blows up his apartment.

The Thief hears the sirens, and he thinks it's an unusually prompt response from the fire department. He's wrong. The police surround him, and he's arrested, all the while Catwoman watches from above, thinking that the Thief's big mistake was stealing from Catwoman. Nobody gets away with that.

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