""And all that is left IS FOR ME."": While Yolanda and Detective Alvararez of the GCPD grow increasingly suspicious of their fellow law enforcers, the rash of abductions by a mysterious figure continues, taking the prostitutes a

Quote1 It's not unlike a heist. It requires a lot of planning. Waiting. Patience. Then it's game time. And you gotta go all in, or you're finished. Quote2

Catwoman (Volume 4) #10 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 4) with a cover date of August, 2012. It was published on June 20, 2012.

Appearing in "And all that is left IS FOR ME."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dollhouse (Unnamed)
  • GCPD
    • Lieutenant Winston
    • Detective Mulrooney
    • Detective Davis
    • Detective Ester

Other Characters:

  • Yolanda




Synopsis for "And all that is left IS FOR ME."

While Yolanda and Detective Alvararez of the GCPD grow increasingly suspicious of their fellow law enforcers, the rash of abductions by a mysterious figure continues, taking the prostitutes and street kids of East Gotham as victims. As another victim is taken, though, Catwoman crashes through the driver-side window, and kicks her prey in the face. She approaches vigilantism the same way that she would a heist - only she is considerably less good at the former. This is certainly the most bold action she's taken in that regard. However, Catwoman's pistol is outmatched quickly by the abductor's assault rifle.

Fortunately, Catwoman's erstwhile partner in crime Spark arrives with a stolen getaway car to rescue her. Even after he has got her to safety, Selina attempts to go after him again. Spark stops her, demanding to know why she cares so much about the missing street trash. Defensive and upset, Selina admits that she was once abducted and no one came to her rescue. Sensing her emotion, Spark breaks the tension by kissing her.

Elsewhere, the latest abductee is being kept in a simple white room while his captor speaks over an intercom about how he intends to purify and cleanse his victims. His intent is not to hurt, but to heal. However, the abductor has another purpose for his victims. He will harvest their internal organs, selling them on the black market. Their remains, however, will remain with him. Numerous other victims have already had their treatment; grotesquely posed and displayed within the Dollhouse.

Later, Selina trains while Gwen Altamont pitches a series of potential heists. Selina turns each one down, and Gwen becomes understandably suspicious that she might be going solo as Catwoman - in direct contravention to the pretenses under which Selina came to her. Then, she had needed help to keep her from going over the edge. Selina insists that she is just being choosy, because they made enough money on their last job to last them a while. Even so, Gwendolyn doesn't like the idea of Selina working alone. Quietly, Selina comments to herself that she will not be alone for long.

Later, Detective Alvarez returns home, urging his confidante Yolanda to stay out of his investigation of the internal corruption within the precinct. He insists that if anyone is going to get punished for chasing down Catwoman, it will be him and not her. As he hangs up, he turns on the lights in his apartment to find Catwoman herself waiting for him.

Somewhere, Lieutenant Winston and his co-conspirators meet with a contact who has been tasked with getting back the money Catwoman stole from them. The police are frustrated and ready to count their losses by killing Catwoman, but their contact orders them to stay calm. He's getting closer to the money, and killing her gets them nothing. Meanwhile, he is convinced that Catwoman has ties with the Batman, and he hopes that they can catch him too. As it turns out, the contact is very close with Catwoman indeed; it's Spark.


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