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"Comfort to the Hurt of the King": Selina Kyle has found herself the heir to the Calabrese Family, and has therefore been forced out of a life of solitary thievery, and into a leadership role. As such, she has gained a bodyguard in the form o

Quote1.png Catwoman was out for herself. Someone like that could never make this machine run, make this city whole. I will. Not bad, as ninth lives go. Quote2.png
Selina Kyle

Catwoman (Volume 4) #35 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 22, 2014.

Synopsis for "Comfort to the Hurt of the King"

Selina Kyle has found herself the heir to the Calabrese Family, and has therefore been forced out of a life of solitary thievery, and into a leadership role. As such, she has gained a bodyguard in the form of her cousin Antonia and a driver in Antonia's brother Nick - who under different circumstances would be Selina's rival. They aren't as eager to leave their enemies alive as she is - but as she's in charge, they must obey. She'd be happy to be rid of them, but when it comes to rebuilding a city, she needs all the help they can give her.

After busting up some thugs trying to encroach on Calabrese territory, Selina returns to her mansion to deal with the family. As she stands before her subordinates, she considers how difficult it must have been for Queen Elizabeth I to get beyond the fight for unchallenged reign to the renaissance. She insists that the guns they kept from scavengers be sold off to the city, rather than the revenue being added to the families' coffers. She reminds that there is no pride in ruling over a city in shambles. Once they rebuild it, then they will be proud to own it. She reminds that the cost to them is an investment. Nick reminds the assembled representatives of the families that their predecessors had all met thirty years ago and made the same decision. It had worked, then. Despite convincing them, Selina notes that the Hasigawa family, who runs the port, isn't in attendance, and decides to deal with it herself.

Selina's begrudging Consiglieri, Chris Ward, warns that she isn't showing that she's earned the other families' trust yet, demonstrating his own distrust, but Selina is unfazed. She sends Nick to investigate the source of the scavenging scouts they caught while she and Antonia pay the Hasigawas a visit.

Selina is well aware that now is not the time to ask the Hasigawas to enter a coalition, so she offers a business proposal. She wants to sell the guns she found through the Hasigawas' port, and Mr. Hasigawa offers to consider it, leaving his daughter to see Selina out. Selina senses the wilfulness in Eiko Hasigawa, and ingratiates herself with her such that the girl agrees to speak to her father about getting the guns out of the city.

At GCPD Headquarters, Det. Carlos Alvarez is determined to build a case against Selina Kyle for racketeering, despite his partner, Det. Keyes' pointing out that it's a bad racket, given that Selina is using her funds to rebuild Gotham without costing taxpayers a thing. Their Lieutenant has already insisted that they leave Selina Kyle alone, and she, at least, doesn't want to lose her badge over it. Grumpily, Alvarez responds that he is telling her he will drop it, heavily insinuating that he won't.

That night, Selina attends a gala at the art museum, musing that it's a novelty to come in through the front door, for once. Despite her known criminal ties, city councilmen have made allowances for her to come, buying up Lucrezia Borgia's jewels for the museum. She had hoped to have some fun, but of course, Ward invited himself along. Ditching him for some time alone, Selina receives a visit from Batman, who admits that he's been worried about her. She spots Ward watching her, and suggests that she and Batman get some air. Outside, he warns that she can't keep the families united forever, and pleads that leading a crime family isn't her. She warns him to leave her alone, if that's all he has to talk about, and he obligingly leaves. Opening the door for her to come back into the party, Ward warns that he heard what she said. She warns him not to make threats as she returns to Antonia inside. She passes by Eiko, and comments that she saw the Hasigawa spy watching her outside, before taking Ward and Antonia home.

Elsewhere, Black Mask and his gang raid a limo in an alley for information, when he is interrupted by a man who promises that he can sell the city back to him.

At home, Selina worries that if anyone in her operation gets careless, it will break. As Catwoman, she could never make the city whole again - not as someone out for herself. But this is Selina Kyle's ninth life, and she might be able to do what Catwoman couldn't. Still, she keeps mementos of her past, though she runs the risk of her past coming back for her. Looking out at the city from her balcony, Selina notices another Catwoman staring back at her.

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