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"Night of the Owls: Mirrors Come in All Sizes": In 1665, the Court of Owls sent their Talon, Ephraim Newhouse to kill one of the obstacles to their increased grip on the city of Gotham. However, they were di

Quote1.png There are things I know. Really know. I can tell you exactly how long it will take to crack a lock just by looking at it. I can tell you the best high heeled shoes to run in. And I know when I'm facing someone who's been damaged by those who raised him. Mirrors come in all sizes. Quote2.png

Catwoman (Volume 4) #9 is an issue of the series Catwoman (Volume 4) with a cover date of July, 2012. It was published on May 16, 2012.

Synopsis for "Night of the Owls: Mirrors Come in All Sizes"

In 1665, the Court of Owls sent their Talon, Ephraim Newhouse to kill one of the obstacles to their increased grip on the city of Gotham. However, they were disappointed when his sense of honour led him to give his victim a chance at a fair fight - which that victim took to run naked in the streets screaming. While the Talon killed his target, he was spotted by British soldiers, and forced to kill ten of them. This would not go unnoticed by the authorities. As punishment for his carelessness, the Court had him stripped of his five sacred knives and his uniform, and put into stasis.

Now, Catwoman and her accomplice Spark are waiting outside The Penguin's brownstone, waiting for him to leave so that they can rob him of a jewelled knife with an owl crest on it, which would complete the set they stole recently.

Elsewhere, the current Court of Owls has decided to revive the entirety of its army of Talons, and despite the stain on Ephraim Newhouse's record, they suit him up, and give him a target: The Penguin.

Meanwhile, the Penguin is confined to his office, waiting for a phone call from a Russian businessman. He has sent his car ahead, in order to get the girls out of his hair. That car simultaneously alerts Catwoman - falsely - that he has left the building. Penguin demands a drink, but finds that his man for that task doesn't answer his call. Moments later, the Talon bursts through his door, sending throwing knives in his direction.

Snivelling and cowardly, Cobblepot promises the assassin anything he wants, but the Talon demands nothing but the Penguin's life. Suddenly, though, the Talon notices a glass case containing one of his knives. Penguin explains that he merely collects bird-related antiquities, and the Talon realizes that it was fate which brought him there.

From the skylight above, Catwoman sees that Penguin is moments away from getting murdered, but she feels a sense of responsibility to prevent it, despite Spark's urging that they should escape. Instead, she leaps down through the glass and stays the Talon's hand with her whip. All too soon, she realizes that this assassin is more than he seems, and certainly more than a match for her. Fortunately, Spark's powers prove useful, albeit less effective. In their struggle, Catwoman manages to remove the Talon's hood, and lodge his own knife in his neck. However, she is disturbed to see him rise, and pull the knife out, as if it could do him no harm.

The Talon manages to get Spark at his mercy, and desperately, Catwoman uses her intuition to play the situation out with as little violence as possible. She understands that the Talon believes that bringing his knives back to the Court of Owls will be recompense for his disgrace. So, she promises him the remaining four knives that she stole, in the hopes that giving him what he desires most will distract him from his assignment. It seems to be working.

Suddenly, the Penguin sends a shotgun blast through the Talon's head, and he crumples to the floor. Penguin thanks Catwoman for her efforts, and promises a reward. Despite Spark's urging - again - Catwoman feels a certain sense of responsibility. She gathers the Talon's remains and lays them out on the roof of Gotham City Police Headquarters alongside his five knives. Then she turns on the Bat-Signal, thinking to herself that all monsters deserve some mercy.

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