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Cave Carson's Team is headed up by Calvin "Cave" Carson. They are the world leading team in geology and underground exploration.


Cave recruited a team of experts including Bulldozer Smith a tunneling expert, Christie Madison a geologist, Johnny Blake spelunker, and Lena, Smith's pet lemur. The devoted their lives to uncovering the hidden secrets of the world beneath the Earth.

The team traveled in the Mighty Mole an experimental tunneling machine invented by Cave and constructed with funds he had received as a result of his underground discoveries. The Cave Carson Team have uncovered lost cities, located hidden underground civilization, and battled evolutionary throwbacks and even various alien lifeforms, all living beneath the Earth.


Equipment: Cave Carson Team uses an arsenal of various high-technological weapons,

  • Mighty Mole: The main equipment he and his team use is the unique underground digging machine known as the Mighty Mole.
  • Thermo-ray: Thermo-ray in the Mole's nose is capable of burning through solid rock like a hot knife through butter, while its interior contains adjustable lightning, a recycling oxygen system, a compact lab, and a small arsenal in case of emergencies.

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