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CeCe Beck, Thunder, is the champion of Shazam in the distant future.

CeCe Beck was presumably a quite ordinary girl of 90th century planet Binderaan, when she was transported to the Rock of Eternity by a magical weapon. By incident, other people, in the middle of a firefight, were transported there, and the old Captain Marvel gave her his powers to protect herself. She discovered shortly afterwards that her parent were murdered by a person empowered by the Three Faces of Evil, who was also going to attack the Science Council of Binderaan. CeCe eventually overcame him and trapped him in the Rock of Eternity. Captain Marvel allowed her to keep her powers.

When the Marvels of the 20th/21st century had been in a car accident, CeCe, as Thunder, was summoned by Tawky Tawny, Ibis the Invincible's wife Tana and uncle Dudley. However, she was lost in the timestream and ended up in the 31st century, where she was found by M'Onel and the rest of the Legion of Super-Heroes.




  • She is named after the creator of Captain Marvel/Shazam C.C. Beck.
  • Her race and planet are named after Otto Binder, the scriptwriter of the original Captain Marvel comics.



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